Why you should always pay the piper. A bard’s tale of revenge.

A captain and his traitorous crew crosses the wrong bard.


My bard and the rest of the party were hired to retrieve sunken treasure from a shipwreck with the promise of a cut of the loot. He also offered a cut to the local townsfolk.  The entire town was  a goblin town called Fisher's cove.

After we had  retrieved the treasure and did as asked  the crew turned out to be bandits and the captain had no intention of paying us instead wanting to kill us and take the treasure for themselves.

My bard  said are you sure you want to do this? I'll give the option to rethink this course of action.   If you don't  the last tune you'll hear from me is the sound of your own funeral. 

The captain refused.  Then my bard pulled out his crossbow and said very well don't say I didn't warn you.    It was then my bard revealed himself as a member of the college of whispers and he had the sharpshooter feat and due to his psychic blades feature and with a modified crossbow he could deal a lot of damage.  He cast sleep knocking out several of the crew and started to slaughter them alongside our cleric.  Our wizard and monk were captured because they stayed on the boat while we were doing the diving mission to retrieve the loot.  (They couldn't make it to the session but we stubbornly decided to continue anyway)   

The bard proceeded  to mock the captain as he gave him every chance to turn back.  If he hadn't been so stubborn his crew would have lived to tell the tale.  The captain was taken back to town  and  was hung after we gave the goblin's their pay.


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