Why You Should Compromise In This Beautiful Game

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Hello all. I started playing dnd in 2019, and during that time I had a game with a few friends from school. It was immensely fun, and I fondly remember my Drow Bard with love. This group got together over discord during the first Lockdown to play a game in Wildemount, and I was really excited for this game. We decided to rotate Dungeon Masters to give us all chance to play(don't do it). It turned out nobody could have any real character secrets to be used in the plot, without derailing the next quest. Regardless, we decided to all play Genasi, and I picked last. I chose  Water Genasi Grave Cleric, because we needed a water genasi and a healer. My twin built an Air Genasi Bloodhunter, and was in short a murder hobo. He took the cure for Frigid Woe, and threw it in a river. At point we killed him in anger, and for the next session, retconned the loss of the cure. We all dropped the Genasi because of the convenience of finding two more in the wild, and my twin made a Human Artificer and it is this man, Jocelyn Breakwater, that was the problem.

The party is now Jocelyn the Human Artificer played by my twin, Lucindria the Half Elf Warlock played by Endgame, Cernan the Aasimar Paladin played by Nice Guy and Eve the Elf Wizard played by me.

Another player, we'll call him Endgame(for his attempt to make such a storyline), wanted to make an over arcing plot. Since we were rotating dm, that didn't work too great. Endgame had been a great friend to me during family matters, and I really loved playing this game with him and Nice Guy, who I spent much time talking with over the Lockdowns, which I am forever thankful for.

I came back as Evelith, a Dusk Elf Wizard from Barovia, who would begin as a vampire, and the party would cure it. As the campaign progressed, we fought a dragon in my twin's campaign where Endgame dies. Endgame is really annoyed because his character Lucindria was necessary for the quest. One convenient save later and it's fixed, We gained a Hammer Of Thunderbolts, which we sold way too easily for 300,000 gold, and splitting it, we were all EXTREMELY rich now. Using the Astral Plane, we crafted a hammer, that Endgame(he was now the DM) said dealt 2d12 bludgeoning damage as it's base, and could cast Haste 5 times per long rest…

Jocelyn immediately made Nice Guy look like crap, dealing more damage than he could muster with a smite in a basic attack. Bear in mind, we were level 8. Endgame says the hammer is too strong, but my twin says it's fine, since the Paladin had smite. Endgame lets it go for the meantime, and Nice Guy and I try to keep up. I have Cabal's Ruin from Critical Role,  and AOEs which the others don't, so I have a clear place in the party. Jocelyn has a 23 Ac with haste as an armorer, and completely overshadows Nice Guy, who doesn't say anything about it. So I do. Me and my twin had many arguments over this, and Endgame provided a few solutions like the hammer dealing a d4. My twin said no, and soon the campaign broke down as relationships did.

I still play with Nice Guy and my twin, but I can't help but feel guilty for not solving the problem, leaving Endgame to decide to leave the game. Since then, I have run a game for Nice Guy and my Twin, where I put two level 10s up against a lich who could stun himself casting spells. My twin accused me of trying to murder them with Disintergrate, and I admitted my mistake, but was still made to feel like crap. Nice Guy consoled me, but honestly I think my twin is wearing down Nice Guy, and I don't know what to do. He is set to DM for new freinds of mine, a new friend of Nice Guy and Nice Guy, but I am afraid something similar may happen

Let this be a lesson to compromise about this game; it's not worth losing friends over.


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