Yay! All Things DnD Is Hosting Giveaways On All Of Their Videos For A Limited Time

All you have to do is comment!

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The All Things DnD YouTube channel is currently handing out DnD gifts on all their videos! Yup, you heard that right. Free giveaways. And all you have to do is comment, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be chosen to receive some DnD goodies.

What Is All Things DnD?

All Things DnD is a channel about all things... DnD. Just as the title says, the channel brings out everything related to the game. Everything from outlandish comedy stories to action thrillers to mystery genre -- All Things DnD has something for everyone. The channel narrates and animates eye-catching stories found from Reddit, and many fans volunteer to give their own stories. Though not as big as Critical Role, this channel has currently 161k subscribers, and has created some DnD folklore and characters which have gained massive fame, and infamy. Characters like the Gray Necromancer and Garg and Selana have become etched in hudreds of thousands of hearts.

The Giveaways

Typically, All Things DnD posts narrated and animated DnD videos once every two days. So, the deal is that for every video posted nowadays, there will be exclusive prizes for the lucky winner. You only need to comment once on the comment section of the videos. Afterwards, a legitimate random tool called the Comment Picker will be used to pick a lucky winner.

The time limit for commenting is 24 hours upon the release of the video. After one day, the winner will be contacted in the YouTube comment section itself. If for some reason the winner doesn't respond back, the prize will be given to the runner-up. The giveaways differ for each video. For example, till now, the two giveaways include The Player's Handbook and Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.

These are the two giveaway videos which have aired already:

Ending Statement

Make sure to share your engaging campaign stories with us on the website.

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You can check out our YouTube channel for watching engaging DnD content here: All Things DnD YouTube Channel

Let us know what you think about the giveaways in the comments section!

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