Blood Hunter is Overrated

This is what happens when a DM tries to force you to take a character class you don't want.


Hello, I'm a long time player and DM, I've been going at this hobby since I was 11 years old in the early 2000's, and I've seen a lot, though this is one incident that really bugged me. I was in a group, and we were going to start a new campaign. We had the idea to do a sky island hopping adventure, and we were all pretty excited. The group comprised of me, my friend, the DM, the DM's friend, and the DM's roommate. Not only was this going to be a new campaign, but it was going to be his first foray into streaming games. To get us started, the DM wanted to give all of our characters something extra. My character was a half-elf life cleric of Selune, my friend was a tiefling bard, DM's friend was a dragonborn fighter, and DM's roommate was a half-orc paladin. Half-orc paladin got a pegasus mount since it was a sky island campaign, dragonborn got a far more powerful breath weapon, tielfling bard got wings that allowed him to stay airborn, and I was a werebear. Almost immediately after our campaign began, the DM began pushing the Blood Hunter class on me, first being subtle saying how cool it was. Then, he sent me teh Pdf for the class, saying I should read up on it. Then as we began to develop our characters back stories, he went on about how both of my parents were werebears like me, and how they were slaughtered by vampires, and how I had this searing desire to seek vengeance on vampires. How I was torn up over the fact that vampires made me an orphan, even though I was a baby when it happened and had never met my parents. Instead, I played my characters as a bit of a  adorkable airhead who loved to make puns, especially when the werebear powers manifested, and who would shamelessly scream out, "in the name of the moon, I will punish you" after casting guiding bolt. Essentially, I took my character down a completely different route then the bitter edgelord he wanted my character to be, and a similar thing occured with my friends tiefling bard, he wanted our characters to be edgelords when neither one of our characters were that edgy, but I had the extra issue of him trying to push that Blood Hunter class down my throat. Eventually things were starting to get weird and his intentions became clear, he was trying to kill our characters. We were going on an adventure with Fae as our adversaries, but we never fought any Fae, due to the fact that he didn't want me casting protection of good and evil on myself to protect me from attacks. It was all monstrous creatures, undead creatures that weren't technically undead, and a stonehenge golem that had to be defeated by solving a puzzle he literally gave no clues about. All these creatures had me and my friends tiefling bard as preferential targets, as the paladin and fighter would leave the fights mostly unscatherd. Eventually he had some kind of breakdown and cancelled that campaign, which was for the best in the long run. And this is what happens when a DM tries to force you to take a character class you don't want. 


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