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    The time I almost TPK’ed the party on their second boss

    I'm a first time DM, so naturally I'm always unsure about how well I've balanced encounters. Often, I'll adjust the HP of the enemies behind the screen to make them more or less powerful so that my players feel challenged but not overwhelmed or overpowered. Normally, that works pretty well, but I have had a...
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    The day my Ranger lost her familiar

    I had only played three sessions of dnd before joining a whole new group to play with- one campaign that was stopped immediately after the first session, and then a single session campaign. They were a lot of fun, especially because they were with people I had known for 4+ years. But their lives got...
  • That Time I Swarmed my Players with Flying Sirens

         I've been Dm-ing for about a year now and I recently had an amazing session that I just had to share. We've been playing this game for a year now and the party's just getting started with the larger story I have planned. Their goal was to make it to the Northern continent...
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