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  • Doren, the drunken High-Elf

     It when I was still in 7th grade, I joined a D&D club, which had multiple groups within it(being different clans in the world that was created), which was made that year, and I created my first character. Me being me, I wanted to make a character that is an abosulute joke, and I succeeded,...
  • How the Paladin Fell From Grace on Their First Day

    So to set the stage we need a little back story. This happened in a Pathfinder Living Campaign ran over discord chat and Roll 20 a few years ago. Essentially the game was a sandbox where players could interact at any time with the world and each other. Due to the nature of a LC...
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    The way of the flying torch

    Way of the flying torch So today (technically yesterday I suppose) I had a one shot to familiarize myself with the second edition of pathfinder a bit more. I’m really liking what the system has to offer so far, and I just wanted to be sure that it worked the way I thought it did....
  • All time worst invite

    Ok, so a few months ago, I had truly gotten the thirst to play DnD and was downright desperate. I kid you not, I wrote up five characters, played each one and DMed the whole adventure, rolling the dice and writing in character every interaction to post almost in story format on an app called...
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