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  • The time my Pc killed his own son in law

    The time my character killed his son in law. So this happened in a long campaign I played, we were playing a heavily home brewed 5e adventure and the dm had took bit of everyone back story to incorporate it into the campaign, however mine was a little bit harder due to the backstory of...
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    I Refuse To Be The Mascot

    I recently ended up joining a new campaign, set in RWBY (Pronounced Ruby) Universe made by Rooster Teeth. Say what you want about the community I literally will not stop you, but I like the show still and seeing a posting for a DND campaign based on it was interesting so I signed up.  Fast...
  • The mage who just wouldn’t die

    I was at around level 8 and after battling our way through the dozens of undead and unnatural horrors crawling through the dungeon we were promised our hearts desire in exchange for clensing a temple of its undead problem. My wild mage only desired one thing  revenge.  He was a charlaten before all this happened...
  • The Time I Double Teleported Onto a Dragon’s Back

    Our party was crawling through an ancient temple overrun with undead, looking for a necromancer who was attacking a nearby town. Accompanying us was a silver dragon taking the form of an elven wizard, a DMPC that was acting as the protector of that town. My character, a blue warforged conjuration wizard, had recently leveled...
  • How my character made an overpowered weapon.

    Hi this is my first post here so I'm gonna try to make it a good one!   The story begins in a world of Greek mytholog with mine and 4 other characters being Demi-gods, trying to become full time gods.  Now to introduce the characters: there was a Druid who was the demi god...
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