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    The Winterbane

    Of all the races of DnD, there‚Äôs one I love for reasons completely apart from DnD lore.  Dwarves. This is almost entirely due to my love and fascination with Warhammer fantasy dwarfs. I just adore a culture that places personal honor so far above even their own lives that if they are dishonored, they will...
  • The Legend of Argo the Leper

    To preface the story, this is the recounting of a character who was not intended to last as long as he had. Argo was a human afflicted with leperosy, or more specifically was inflicted with a curse that mimicked it. His body was deteriorating the entire campaign, as the curse slowly devoured his body bit...
  • Elder Dragon fight in Dwarven underground Highway

    The Party, after being arrested for murder of the tortuer of their friends, is being escorted to the dwarven capital halfway there, an elder dark dragon attacks the prison wagon looking for a diety within the warlocks mind Granterra, the monk and Barbarian charge forward and attack the dragon.  Monk misses and gets flattened by...
  • The time we saved a city from a frog

    So last sesion are party and I turned a marilith into a frog. So the gurads were chaseing use but then we hoped on our dragon and flyed away and were fight the marilith because It had a portal to the abyass. And you can only kill a demon in the abyass so we talk...
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