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    How I quickly ended a mini boss fight.

    I’m a Dragonborn Barbarian with an 18 in strength, so you can imagine that I’m pretty strong. Me, my brother’s friend, and my brother were playing my brothers campaign when we encountered a Minotaur. My brother, who was the DM and a party member, was a Half-Orc bard, and my brother’s friend was a human...
  • Q the rogue

    Upon fighting undead in the sewers below an elven magic shop, the party ran into a Lich who kept summoning more and more undead to fight. The Barbarian tank took two very heavy hits and was down to 1 hp, and with no healer in the the party, things were looking grim for the barbarian....
  • The backstory of ahon ontalols (ahon on-tail-las)

    Ahon had grown up in a tribe of nomadic magi, wizards and sages. As a small child we were taught in the art of magic. We worked tirelessly days after day for our whole life. As the son of the chief expectations were high and I filled these expectations. I was always on top mastering...
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