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  • How my warlock betrayed the party and became the prince of the nine hells

    This story comes from a homebrew campaign I played a few years back, but one I’ll never forget. It started with our characters studing at a school for adventurers, to get official licenses and such. The party members I could remember were a Ranger, a Bard, a Druid, and my character, Alistar Chainbreaker a Tiefling...
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    The time we sieged Troy with a Fantasy Battleship

    This story is from my early college years. I had just gotten into D&D with some dormmates of mine. It just so happened to be a homebrew campaign set in Ancient Greece using the 3.5 edition ruleset. Think Homer’s Odyssey, but with more fantasy added in. The DM was fairly new yet he was an...
  • Our DM and his annoying chase scenes!

    I playing a 5e game with 4 other friends, and it was my first campaign with an actual group, instead of just playing with one person! It was run by our DM, and I will call him John for this. John was running a game for the four of us, with the module, Dragon Heist!...
  • How Aster the Joke Sorceror Became a Legendary Savior

    This story comes at the end of a campaign played in D&D 5E, a modern recreation of the Isle of the Sea Drake campaign from 1E. Our party was a rather odd bunch, and not necessarily for the better, composed of a chaotic neutral kenku bard named Cello, a true neutral homonculus artificer named Fred,...
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    The Story of Dr. Poxil, the Mad Alchemist

    Somewhere within the woods sits a gaunt figure in a dark, stained smock. His gangly form is hunched over a low flame, as he slowly and methodically stirs a small cauldron of bubbling liquid. He brings a spoonful of the foul-smelling brew to his pale, cracked lips and slurps it loudly. “Hmm, almost…” He says...
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