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    The Rebirth Algorithm part 4

    Grall Grall looked out of his window, a strange sense of peace came over him as he watched the young man below entering and exiting the house next to his, Grodaks house. How stupid are these young spy’s? Grall mused as he stepped from the window. Don’t they realize that we always have our chiefs...
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    The Rebirth Algorithm part 4.5

    Grall grabbed the scout by his tunic and pulled him close. “Do you know why I have these bandages?” Grall whispered in his ear. The orc shook his head, the story of how the elders punished him had spread through the tribe and everyone knew of it, but none dare speak it to Grall. Grall...
  • How my party got so Gun-ho, it killed them

    I had just gotten the DM's guide that contained alot of good tipes for my homebrew campaigns, but it also had a section with guns, and naturally I had to make a campaign for my friends with it. I had tried getting them into normal D&D but they couldn't get past making the characters. I...
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    The Rebirth Algorithm part 3

    Hey guys, first off, sorry it has taken so long to get Chapter 3 out, second, again, this is a homebrew campaign, third, I am writing this in the characters perspective, and fourth, please enjoy, ive had fun building this world up and telling the adventures of Grall and Grodak, anf fifth, this is part...
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    The Rebirth Algorithm part 3.5

    Hello again, this is part 2 of chapter 3, if you have yet to read the other parts, I do advise you do so. “Because,” Grall said turning to face the one who spoke, “your chieftain asked me to return and take upon the spy master duty.” The old orc smiled, he was skinny, almost...
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