D&D Buyer’s Guide to Get Started

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After receiving loads of messages from people who are still unable to figure out what they should buy to get started with D&D, here I am writing a Buyer’s Guide to ensure that everyone who’s new to D&D will be able to determine what they need to buy to get started with the game. To be honest, you don’t really need to buy anything to get started. However, there are some resources available on the internet that’ll enhance your gaming experience and allow you to gain more information regarding every little thing.

I personally recommend people to buy these products:

  1. 1 D&D Starter Set

    The starter set has everything that you need to start playing the world's greatest role-playing game. This is what comes in the box:

    • A 64-page pre-written adventure book that has all the instructions for DMs to get started
    • Five pre-generated characters alongside character sheets
    • A 32-page rulebook for playing characters level 1-5
    • A set of 6-polyhedral D&D dice

    The D&D starter set is the considered as the best bet for novice players to get started with D&D because of the inclusion of pre-generated characters and pre-written adventure book. As we already know that character creation might become a daunting task for newbies, the starter set eliminates the task and allows players to focus on playing instead. Even though it is quite obvious for a DM to come up with an adventurous story but for those who are completely new to D&D might benefit a lot from this pre-written module.

    In simple terms, the starter kit contains everything that you initially need to confidently run your first game as a player or a DM.

    Check Price On Amazon: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy D&D Roleplaying Board Game 5th Edition

  2. 2 The Player's Handbook

    The Player's Handbook basically has everything that a player needs to make iconic characters for the world's greatest role-playing game. It is a valuable reference source for all D&D role-players. It has everything from rules for character creation and advancement to exploration and combat, backgrounds and skills, spells, equipment, and much more.

    Any player can make use of this book for creating intriguing characters from among the most treasured D&D classes and races. To put it simply, it is a complete rulebook for DMing or playing the game. You should definitely consider buying this as this is one of the first core books of D&D. 

    Check Price On Amazon: The Player's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons) 

  3. 3 The Monster Manual

    What good is a hero is he doesn't get to fight powerful monsters? For this same reason, the second core book of D&D, The Monster Manual consists a menagerie of deadly monsters including giants, mind flayers, beholders and dragons that dungeon masters can use to populate their game worlds.

    This book contains all the manner of creatures that heroes might encounter during their adventures. I'd recommend you to buy this only if you're planning to become a DM as this is an essential resource for them to challenge players and fill in their adventures with absolute thrill.

    Check Price On Amazon: The Monster Manual (D&D Core Rulebook)

  4. 4 The Dungeon Master’s Guide

    This is third and the final core rulebooks of Dungeons & Dragons. It consists of valuable tools that a DM might need to plan intriguing stories and gameplay. Basically, it has everything that a DM desires to have for weaving a legendary story for the world's greatest role-playing game.

    This book acts as a guide for Dungeon Masters to spark their imagination and create thrilling worlds of adventures for their players. Even though this rulebook is the most optional of the three core rulebooks, I'd recommend you to buy it if you're just getting started with D&D. 

    Check Price On Amazon: The Dungeon Master’s Guide (D&D Core Rulebook)

  5. 5 Pre-Written Adventure Books

    Everyone loves to build their own adventures using the Dungeon Master's Guide. However, many DMs might find it more comfortable to take advantage of pre-written adventures D&D books. These books have everything you need to run an adventure, setting storyline, information and quests, maps, adventure hooks, and much more. Check out these pre-written adventures:

    Elemental Evil

    Check Price On Amazon:  Princes of the Apocalypse 

    Rage of Demons 

    Check Price On Amazon: Out of the Abyss

    Tyranny of Dragons 

    Check Price On Amazon: Hoard of the Dragon Queen 

    Check Price On Amazon: The Rise of Tiamat

  6. 6 Free Basic Rules PDFs

    Alongside these amazing resources, Wizards of the Coast have created D&D Basic Rules, a free PDF that is available for download on their website. It is a great way to get started with D&D without spending any money. These PDFs contain all the necessary basic rules. character creation information for limited races and classes.

    Free basic rules PDFs can be downloaded here.

What Should You Buy?

This section gives you a better outlook on what you need depending on how you're aiming to get started with D&D.

  1. 1 New Player (With An Un-Experienced Group)

    What Should You Buy?

    • D&D Starter Set - It is a great way for novice players to get started with D&D. Free basic rules set is an option to consider too but the starter kit contains all the necessary information that you need to get started with D&D. It eliminates the tough task of creating characters for new players and the pre-written adventures are very helpful for new DMs.
  2. 2 New Player (With An Experienced Group)

    What Should You Buy?

    • Basic Rules PDF - Reading basic rules set might help you in getting started.
    • Set of Dice
    • The Player’s Handbook - Having The Player's Handbook will allow you to have all the necessary rules and the resources you need. It's a book that you'll never regret owning.
  3. 3 Experienced Players/DMs

    What Should You Buy?

    • All three core rulebooks


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  1. Of course, now there’s also “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” and “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything” that both include new monsters, spells, items, and even new playable races and archetypes.

    I would also recommend an app called “5th edition character sheet” for your phone. It allows you to easily create your characters (provided you have the books to check for basic knowledge about the races, classes, etc.). The app allows you to track you HP, items, Armor, Spells, Attacks, all in one place.

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