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  • So last night was first time being GM. I picked up the gauntlet after or normal GM called it quits, and out of a group that’s usually 9 players plus only 2 showed up.A rogue Wraith Host named Shadow (whos player h […]

  • Of course, now there’s also “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” and “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything” that both include new monsters, spells, items, and even new playable races and archetypes.

    I would also recommend an app called “5th edition character sheet” for your phone. It allows you to easily create your characters (provided you have the books to…[Read more]

  • THE JOURNAL OF CORUS AHLORSATHDay 1I quickly found myself besieged by a people who’ve never heard of the glorious battles beneath the waves, or the valiant Tritons fighting and dying for their peace of mind.Day 5 […]