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  • The Paladin Who Wished She was the DM

    I was originally going to post this on a video about a “Main Character Horror Story” but decided it might fit better here.  We had a player start around Nov in our group a year ago, and she started off in the group strong. She was a notetaker (Everyone else is new so they’re learning),...
  • My first Dungeons and Dragons game.

    Disclaimer: The names of all the spells, abilities, etc. probably aren’t the real names, just the best I can remember them. I’ve always kind of wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s interested me ever since middle school. But sometimes, even if something interests you, you never get around to trying it. That’s just the...
  • The best DnD Con Job ever

    I’m a first time DM with a homebrew campaign where I am hosting for my father, a long time DnD player, and his friends.  Homebrew is a bit of a challenge I will admit, but I have been able to come up with enough on the fly stuff that it’s kept it from getting totally...
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    A Look Beyond the Veil, part 2 of 3

    Veil’s story continues around three years after her departure from Renoux. She has been tracking down a legendary dagger. She takes it from a temple and becomes the subject of a manhunt by a new party of adventurers. She eludes authorities and reveals herself to the group, explaining that the weapon is too dangerous to...
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    A Look Beyond the Veil, part 1 of 3

    My character, Veil, is a changeling rogue with a changeling father and an air genasi mother. She has an older changeling sister called Shade that we’ll get to in a bit. Her backstory is that she was adopted by the noble Renoux family and befriended their daughter Valerie. She grew up without a mother and...
  • How the Big Blue Naked Druggie Outwitted a Dragon

    This should be short. The setup: Me, a DMPC Paladin because my character was not ready yet, a Rogue, a Barbarian, and our hero, the Blue Genasi Wizard. To sum it up, yes he is blue. Yes, he was a Genasi. Yes, he was a Wizard. Yes, he never met a plant he did not...
  • The Time I Left my Party to Die

    The game is pathfinder 1st edition. And while not technically my first introduction to Dungeons and Dragons esc games, it is my first ever game with this particular d20 based system and the first time I'm playing with more than two people not including the DM. The party is already three sessions in and a...
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    The day my Ranger lost her familiar

    I had only played three sessions of dnd before joining a whole new group to play with- one campaign that was stopped immediately after the first session, and then a single session campaign. They were a lot of fun, especially because they were with people I had known for 4+ years. But their lives got...
  • That Time I Swarmed my Players with Flying Sirens

         I've been Dm-ing for about a year now and I recently had an amazing session that I just had to share. We've been playing this game for a year now and the party's just getting started with the larger story I have planned. Their goal was to make it to the Northern continent...
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