Here Are Some Celebrities Who Absolutely Love Dungeons & Dragons

World class Hollywood movie stars like Vin Diesel love Dungeons and Dragons.

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In a world increasingly opening up to geekdom as opposed to the traditional view of looking down on them as having odd fetishes, several celebrities have opened up to being avid video game or anime or K-pop fans. DnD fans will be delighted to brag that more than a fair share of these celebrities are now self-professed DnD fans as well.

Terry Crews

An actor, artist, comedian, and a former football player, Terry Crews adds to his credentials through his avid interest in DnD. He showed his love for the game when he joined the World of Warcraft themed episode of CelebriD&D, a Geek & Sundry show. Watch here how he really gets into his character by roleplaying as Thodak the Blacksmith of the Horde. 

David Benioff and D.B Weiss

Fans know them as the writers of the globally acclaimed Game of Thrones and also Star Wars. Nothing beats having such huge names publicly praise DnD. That is exactly what happened when D.D Weiss admitted that he "played compulsively for years", and that DnD was his first try at building worlds. Whoa, so GoT fans know what to thank for making GoT what it is.

Deborah Ann Woll

She is a star of True Blood and Daredevil. She is also another celebrity who appeared on a Geek & Sundry show titled Relics and Rarities to play DnD. The episode is a little different, with walking canes, pocket watches, and knit blankets substituting swords, axes, and bows. However, the show is inspired from DnD.

Dan Harmon

You might know him as the creator of Rick and Morty, but did you know that he created a DnD inspired series named HarmonQuest? Here, livestreams of DnD quests and campaigns are aired with animation.

Vin Diesel

Were you waiting for this one? Yes, Vin Diesel is a DnD fan. It is said that he agreed to cast ub The Last Witch Hunter because writer Cory Goodman played DnD. Even the witch hunter that Vin plays, Kaulder, is along the lines of Vin's DnD character in his younger days. Indeed, Vin could not pass down the opportunity to play the role of the character that he used to roleplay! 

Tons of other celebrities are fans too

A bevy of other celebrities are also in love with DnD, just like you and me. The following is a list, which is by no means exhaustive:

Aubrey Plaza
Kumail Nanjiani
Paul F. Tompkins
Chris Hardwick
Kevin Smith
Stephen Colbert
Anderson Cooper
Felicia Day
Marilyn Manson
Joss Whedon
Robin Williams
Mike Myers
John Bradley
Patton Oswalt
Drew Barrymore
Jon Favreau
Joseph Godon-Levitt
Martin Starr
Joe Manganiello
Wil Wheaton

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