A night of secrets (Star Wars 5e)

Love is full of surprises


I'm playing in a Star Wars 5e campaign that is still ongoing. Its theme takes place a few years after episode 3 and the start of the solo movie. Our player's content is a human fighter, a cowboy bounty hunter Mandalorian who always wants to make more credits from his clients and become the next Mandalore. A human engineer who was always on edge because he was a wanted man by the Empire and captain of the Storm Crow, a YT-1300 Corellian freighter before we got a new ship. A human female scholar who is a good healer/shooter and always on the wild side. A dathomirian zabrak Jedi sentinel, a survivor order 66, was hunted down by a clone trooper who turned bounty hunter.

Then there's me, the Lethan (red-skinned) twi'lek force-sensitive operative who would multiclass with sentinel. Who's being hunted by Grugan the Hutt and wants to own a ship to save his adopted family. Here's how my character showed his secret to his NPC zeltron girlfriend.

We were doing a mission for an information broker droid on Coruscant, the heart of the Empire. Our job was to deliver a small container of coaxium to a pirate gang known as the Bloody Claws after fighting a bunch of street thugs, avoiding stormtroopers. We gave the container to the leader of the Bloody Claws and got our credits. After the mission, our client told us to have the day off; our droid client would have more work for us the next day. So, while everyone does their own thing, my character would start building his first lightsaber from the parts and crystal he has gotten from the last planet we were on.

My character goes to a friendly cantina where there's lots of fun and dancing, plus the drinks are excellent. After sitting down and ordering a drink, my dm made rolled perception; I passed the roll, and my character noticed a middle-aged voluptuous/thicc (w 4'c) zeltron woman; with hot pink skin, green eyes, long reddish-pink hair w a blue streak in her was watching me from the bar. So my character made his way to her, and after a few charisma/persuasion checks, my character managed to woo her, so we left the bar together and made our way back to the hotel she was staying at in the wealthy part Coruscant.

It turns out she had a job working as the Empire's food producer employee. She traveled from one planet to another, ensuring that restaurants got their food orders and grocery stores, even getting orders from emperor Palpatine himself, and always ordering kitty littler. After a few hours of passion in the room she was staying in, we continued to talk, my character fell in love with the zeltron, and she felt the same way for him.

Then came the surprise my character had gone into his carrying satchel and pulled out lightsaber components and a golden kyber crystal. She looked curious at first, but when the parts started to float in the air, she began to freak out, jumping out of bed fully nude and starting to shut the blinds close at the window. Still, he stilled, sat on the bed lotus crosslegged, with eyes closed, putting my first lightsaber together with help from the force. When he opened his eyes, my character's lightsaber was fully built, and it looked like Mace Windu's lightsaber from episodes 2 and 3.

When my character looked at her, she was amazed and knew what he was, but he told her he was no Jedi but a gifted smuggler who wanted to save his family. Then, after calming down a bit, she told him that I needed to be careful flashing that weapon around here because the Empire has an open session on Jedi and force sensitives. Finally, after my character showed him his secret, she became comfortable and told him her secret; she revealed a brand on her left butt cheek, and after passing the lore check, it was Crimson Dawn.

She said she was forced to work with Crimson Dawn as a child and separated from her family. My character didn't care. All they cared about was the new love that he felt for her. After a passionate kiss, my character activated his new lightsaber, and the golden yellow blade made the room glow; she looked at him with love and hope, knowing he would always be with her.

Then after a while of admiring his new lightsaber, my character deactivated his lightsaber and then cuddled in bed with his new zeltron girlfriend before the two drifted back into sleep to await the next day.


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