Darcsen’s Dream Journal Entry 7

A continuation of our descent into madness.


Date unknown, Location: Somewhere north of Brittania, Time since Awakening: ~72 hrs

Still on the road to Brittania and worrying about that floating castle. We started heading south, following Nanfoodle as he started leading us down game trails. We managed to spot a deer, though none of us were able to get it to supplement our dinner. The castle appeared to stop heading the same direction as us, giving me some peace of mind. Sometime in the mid day we came across a ravine that led to a river about forty feet down. Luckily it was only 10-12 feet across at any given point, with several trees that seemed to stretch across it. I told Timmy he couldn't jump it. "Bet," was all he said before leaping across smoothly.

I followed then heard Nanfoodle tell us to stop. Some people were behind us and arguing, heading our direction. I instructed everyone to get across after securing a rope to both sides of the ravine. Socks and Brenda got across rather quickly, followed by Chicago, leaving Seravin and Nanfoodle alone when a large two headed monster burst from the trees.

The heads seemed to be arguing with one another, and the monster looked strange as well. One half was healthy and had mottled green skin. The other half was gray with red eyes and was complaining about wanting blood. Nanfoodle revealed it was a weird Ettin. We conversed with the beast, which revealed it was half vampire, causing another argument between the heads. I told Nanfoodle and Seravin to cross the ravine and the river, vampires couldn't cross running water. The Ettin wanted to eat Nanfoodle and didn't seem to care all that much about Seravin, which sort of broke down negotiations.

Timmy threw his axe at the Ettin, clocking the living head in the face and presumably killing it. I say presumably because it stopped talking, bled heavily, and the gray started taking over the Ettin's full body. I tell the other two to just cross the river and get it over with. Nanfoodle does and Seravin reveals he probably can't cross the river…because he's a vampire too. The Ettin, introducing themselves as Liam and Mott, gets bored because it can't cross the river and goes to look for more food. I suggest leaving Seravin because he can't cross the river to the consternation of my companions.

Luckily Seravin manages to cross the ravine, though with some difficulty, something about his pact with the Vampire Lord not having taken full affect yet. Chicago doesn't like how I'm sticking so close to Socks and we start debating on what makes a race evil. Timmy doesn't like our debate, which is very close to a physical confrontation, and pulls us apart. He then refuses to let go of my arm while Chicago decides to scout ahead.

Chicago discovers Sniffer goblins and waits for us to catch up before we decide to try and move around them. Nanfoodle decides to go find a skunk to cover our scent. Nanfoodle instead finds a cat and brings it to us thinking it is a skunk. The cat immediately sees through Socks' terrible disguise and gives chase to the goblin. I try to slip out of Timmy's reach but can't to help Socks. Luckily he agrees to chase them and we do so together.

After distracting it Socks manages to kill it with his rapier. Timmy, seemingly over his issue with killing 'innocent' animals eats the cat. Socks asks if cats and goblins have the same relationship in our world as they do here. After taking time to explain that there are no goblins and cats are household pets. Nanfoodle decides that Socks' disguise failed because he wasn't acting enough like a birdman. So Socks did.

And he attracted more Sniffers our way. Chicago calls the sniffers to us because of my 'love' of goblins. Swearing to get him for this I pulled out my bow and took the Sniffers out. Chicago is unrepentant about how close I am with Socks and instigates another fight. While arguing I don't realize how loud we're getting and by the time Timmy pulls us apart again we've been surrounded by 2 Satyrs and 9 Sniffers. During the opening moments of the ensuing fight one of the Satyrs pulls out a tube that shoots a net over Brenda. She disappears screaming into the sky. Shortly after I also get netted and don't know how the fight went.

Brenda, Chicago, and I find ourselves in a place that consists of webbing and has a bluish-purple tint to it. It appears to be circular and we can see ourselves in myriad ways, making my brain itch and hurt. Inside is an enormous spider-thing. It starts talking to me, causing my brain to burn further, almost feeling like my psyche is splitting. Suddenly I hear mustache man again, translating the spider's words. It informs me we are between the Plateau of Leng and the Dark Tapestry. Only a Master can open the way out of this place.

Brenda seems to grow concerned and tells Chicago to go hit the spider thing, leading the man to do so. Everyone else seems to have won the fight, and begin appearing in the plane to start attacking the spider. I grapple Chicago and demand everyone stop, I think I have a way out. I tell the spider we have a Master that can let us escape, pointing at Timmy's amulet. The spider refuses, saying it would rather die than bow to an aspect of Ithaqua.

Suddenly Timmy's mouth opens wider than it possibly should and a crazy light show appears. We all hear a voice, which the spider bows to and calls "Ithaqua, walker of the southern and northern winds". Ithaqua tells us all to kneel and we can escape. Chicago does so immediately, disappearing, while Timmy doesn't have the opportunity to do anything while controlled. The spider freaks out and says Ithaqua wants it to consume its own legs.

Seravin genuflects and tries to get out but Ithaqua tells him he needs to change form or eat the spider to get out. Seravin refuses. I start asking the Mustache man for help when Ithaqua stops controlling Timmy. Turns out he doesn't care whether the spider lives or dies, but does care about us. He'll get us all out, but requires something different from each of us. Nanfoodle needs to find the Green Man. Seravin needs to kill a Vampire Lord. Aukin needs to take the amulet to Unknown Kadath. I have to get him two dreamstones. We have a month in the real world to do these things or forfeit our souls to the Dark Tapestry.

Some time during all this Socks and Brenda disappeared, making me really start to think about our relationship. Aukin and I accepted the Mustache Man's deal. We find ourselves in front of a familiar gatehouse, on a white and fluffy surface. We were dropped off in front of the Giant's Castle…



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