Dexter Merric, The Chaotic (Lawful?) Fireball Gnome

In this campaign I'm in, a Lich by the name of Jim, whom the party have met before (and now killed) on a previous case, this is how he died....


Context, in this campaign, one of the BBEGs, a Lich by the name of Jim, the others being Father Yohannis, an Oathbreaker Paladin who has a personal hatred for my character, Rosarai, the Hexblade Warlock/Storm Sorcerer, The Demon of Crowhelm(might've been Crowhenge)ruins, who destroyed our Oath of Vengeance Paladin Azulon's home and family and supposedly protects a staff our Nature Domain Cleric Jeon (pronounced John) is after to heal a broken and barren forest. Last but not least is Jim, the Lich who never had someone who held too much hatred, just unease and knowledge that he will be a problem later….or so we thought, until when we were on our way to confront Yohannis, Jim somehow managed to hijack us when we were teleporting, giving me, at the very least, horrible unease since the one who was telepoeting us was basically a level 20 former PC and pretty much the strongest person we knew, after a bit of "Oh, I'm so evil and all fleshies are just our servants, blah, blah, blah." Jim made his 2nd mistake, mistake number 1 was tricking Merric, who was in a way a servant of Jim at the time, into killing his own parents after he hadn't seen them in so long and basically keft them catatonic as their souls went to Jim's philactery with an amulet Jim said wouldn't kill people and told Merric to go and "help" the town his parents were in. Thus riling up Merric, Jim's philactery was a space station and for a while we were contemplating on how to get it down or how to get there, Merric solved that issue when Jim teleported him in there, after basically explaining his plan to get more undead and overthrow a king to Merric, he explored around a bit, asked a couple questions and then finding basically the steering wheel and cast fireball at it, thrusting the only two skeletons in there out into space and causing the whole thing to fall back down to the planet, only to be disintegrated by Jim as his soul went into the philactery as well. To the benefit of the party the fall back fown to earth, horribly mangled Jim, who at this point was just rage, unstable magic and a vow to make Merric watch as he would take away everyrhing he loved, but after a long and tiring battle Jim had died and Merric was sent to the afterlife to be judged, Merric's dream was to open a school for anyone who wanted to learn magic, he accomplished that along with the party's help, we had good memories with our Gnome friend, even though one of my memories was of him almost killing me with fireball. He also helped me learn to control my Sorcerer magic better so I wouldn't be turned into a sheep again, helped us make an escape from getting arrested by dragonborn and was a really good friend to all of us, despite all the shit we gave him for almost setting a town on fire. Fast forward to the other day, I'm joining a new game that's running on a day where it won't conflict with the one where Merric died in, I've rolled his stats, thought of his class and name, now all i needed was backstory and inspiration struck.

(Change to image provided)

The ingenious creation of the Gnome Artificer Dexter Merric, also know by the name of "The Crazy Fireball Gnome", Aeon was made with the ideals of his friends whom he'd sacrificed himself for them so long ago in mind. His body and overall features were made in the images of both his Human Cleric friend, Jeon and his Tiefling Warlock friend Rosarai and along with personality bits from them and his Dragonborn Paladin friend Azulon. As he got up in his later years, he began to realize that Aeon was missing one last person to round out his friends more….serious nature, after all, Aeon wouldn't be a true creation of Dexter Merric if he didn't have a little bit of his creator in him, so having Aeon take his soul into his body and gave him his last command "take the weapons and the spellbook I've left for you, go outside, rest and wait for whoever comes your way to be your new family." As he said family, for the third time that he knew of, Dexter Merric had died. Aeon, as he was leaving, found himself shedding tears and turned around, with a melancholic smile and said his first and last words to his father "Thank you, father." As he made his way out he found a small clearing in a massive forest, found a tree to sit under, stabbed his glaive into the ground in front of him, keeping a firm grip on it and held onto the bow and rapier on his person. Then there as he  sat and began to close his eyes, he smiled, knowing he would only be awoken by those who would become like family to him, and there he rests to this day, years, even decades later, sitting and waiting, covered in vines, grass and dirt as if he became a small embodiment of nature itself….. 

I made this backstory with the purpose of letting Merric be a legend and helped create a new character for me as this same character is in Merric's player's game, but not with the same backstory, hope you're doing well Merric, wherever you ended up…..


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