20+ DnD Monsters Riddles (feat. one villain). How many can you answer?

Three books of monsters have these beings, some lurk in the deep but some have wings.


These monsters are from the Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. One monster is homebrew but popular, and one is a villain.

Figure out who’s who, and beware, multiple riddles could be based on one monster.

In the end, please comment your score out of 22 and share your results with fellow adventurers.

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  1. 1

    My body's a lion, strong and fierce, 

    With a tail of spikes, each one pierce.

    My wings are wide, ready to take flight,

     A deadly predator, day or night.

     I dwell in mountains, high and grand,

     A guardian of my rocky land.

    With a human face, a twisted grin, 

    Fear and terror I sow within.

     Arrows and swords may come my way, 

    But my armored hide keeps foes at bay.

    Guess me now, if you're brave and clever, 

    This monster of myth, what am I, forever?

    1. Wyvern
    2. Harpy
    3. Owlbear
    4. Manticore


    The Manticore has the body of a lion, a tail with spikes, wide wings for flying, and is a deadly predator that dwells in mountains. It has a human-like face and is known for sowing fear and terror. Its armored hide offers protection against arrows and swords.

  2. 2

    My body gaunt, my tentacles writhe, 

    With psychic power, I seize and thrive.

    Beware my gaze, my mind's cruel touch, 

    I feed on thoughts, I devour much. 

    Into your consciousness, I delve deep,

     Stealing memories while you sleep.

    I dwell in shadows, a sinister being,

     Manipulating minds, foreseeing and seeing.

     A master of psionics, I'll bend your will, 

    Your thoughts and actions, I'll surely distill.

    1. Shadow Demon
    2. Night Hag
    3. Mind Flayer
    4. Doppelganger

    Mind Flayer

    • "My body gaunt, my tentacles writhe, with psychic power, I seize and thrive": Mind Flayers are depicted as slender and gaunt humanoid creatures with tentacles on their faces. They possess powerful psychic abilities, using them to control and dominate others.

    • "Beware my gaze, my mind's cruel touch, I feed on thoughts, I devour much": Mind Flayers have the ability to extract thoughts and memories from their victims with a mere glance, feeding on their psychic energy.

    • "Into your consciousness, I delve deep, stealing memories while you sleep": Mind Flayers can penetrate a person's mind, entering their thoughts and memories, even extracting and consuming them.

    • "I dwell in shadows, a sinister being, manipulating minds, foreseeing and seeing": Mind Flayers are often associated with darkness and secrecy, dwelling in hidden places. They excel at manipulating the minds of others, using their psychic powers to foresee events and gather information.

    • "A master of psionics, I'll bend your will, your thoughts and actions, I'll surely distill": Mind Flayers are known for their expertise in psionics, the manipulation of mental energy. They can control and manipulate the thoughts, actions, and even the will of their victims.

  3. 3

    My body slick, with slimy sheen, 

    From depths unseen, I am supreme.

    With three eyes, I see your fears, 

    Through murky depths, I've spanned the years. 

    A mind unrivaled, wisdom untold, 

    From ancient knowledge, my power unfolds.

    Beware my mucus, its touch malign,

     A curse upon you, it will entwine. 

    Memories lost, enslaved in haze, 

    My influence spreads through watery ways.

    In sunken ruins, my secrets unfold,

     A master manipulator, crafty and bold. 

    Controlling minds, I shape the tides, 

    With psychic whispers, deceit resides.

    1. Aboleth
    2. Kraken
    3. Leviathan
    4. Siren


    It is a slimy, aquatic creature with three eyes and immense mental power. Its mucus can cause curses and manipulate memories. Aboleths are ancient beings with extensive knowledge, often found in sunken ruins. They are master manipulators, controlling minds and shaping events with psychic whispers and deceit.

  4. 4

    A lord of shadows, cursed by fate, 

    Eternal hunger, a thirst innate.

    With eyes of crimson, piercing and keen, 

    Through misty lands, his presence unseen.

    Castle high, atop the hill, 

    Where sorrow and despair instill. 

    Bound by darkness, trapped in gloom, 

    A cursed existence, an eternal tomb.

    Immortal being, a timeless foe,

     Commanding undead, in his control. 

    With regal bearing, he claims his reign, 

    A puppet master, pulling life's strings.

    1. Vecna
    2. Orcus
    3. Strahd
    4. Demogorgon


    He is a lord of shadows cursed by fate, with an eternal hunger for blood. Strahd has piercing crimson eyes and can move unseen through misty lands. He resides in a castle atop a hill, where sorrow and despair prevail. Bound by darkness, he lives in eternal gloom. Strahd is an immortal being who commands undead creatures. With his regal demeanor, he asserts his reign and manipulates others like a puppet master.

  5. 5

    From the Nine Hells, I emerge in wrath, 

    A primordial force on a destructive path. 

    Chromatic scales, a fearsome sight,

     Many heads, each harboring deadly might.

    In ancient tales, my name resounds,

     A queen of beasts, the chaos surrounds.

     A symbol of power, malice, and greed, 

    A godlike figure, inciting fear and heed.

    I soar through realms, wings spread wide, 

    A monstrous entity, feared far and wide.

     With talons sharp and a fiery breath, 

    The embodiment of dread, leading to death.

    1. Bahamut
    2. Asmodeus
    3. Ancient Red Dragon
    4. Tiamat


    Tiamat is a powerful and wrathful primordial force from the Nine Hells. Tiamat has chromatic scales and five heads, each with deadly abilities. She is known as the queen of dragons and embodies chaos, power, malice, and greed. With her wide wings, sharp talons, and fiery breath, Tiamat is a monstrous entity feared across realms, representing the embodiment of dread and death.

  6. 6

    With sleek black fur, and eyes that gleam,

    Beware my presence, in darkness I scheme.

    Two extra limbs, as if from a dream,

    My form deceiving, not as it seems.

     Illusory magic, my essence imbued, 

    Confounding vision, leaving you skewed.

    Creating mirages, tearing worlds apart. 

    Perception deceived, a challenge to face,

     As I move with feline grace, leaving no trace.

    Striking from shadows, with claws unsheathed,

     A predator swift, in the night I breathe.

    1. Displacer Beast
    2. Phase Spider
    3. Worg
    4. Shadow Mastiff

    Displacer Beast

    The Displacer Beast is a mysterious creature with sleek black fur and gleaming eyes. It has two extra limbs that appear illusory, deceiving those who encounter it. It can confound vision with its inherent magical abilities, leaving observers skewed. With its feline grace, it moves stealthily and strikes from the shadows with unsheathed claws, making it a swift predator in the night.

  7. 7

    "In the depths of twisted realms, where nightmares thrive, 

    a creature dwells, its essence difficult to describe. 

    A spherical form, with appendages grotesque,

    it floats with menace, a herald of unrest. 

    Its many orbs, each with its own vile command, 

    projecting magic and fear across the land. 

    Solve this riddle, if you dare,

    and name the aberration beyond compare.

    What am I, the enigmatic horror that reigns, 

    whose presence instills dread and pains?"

    1. Mind Flayer
    2. Beholder
    3. Gibbering Mouther
    4. Aboleth


    The combination of flating menace, a spherical form, grotesque appendages, multiple orbs with distinct commands, and the ability to project magic and fear points towards the Beholder.

  8. 8

    Humanoid yet beastly,

    A savage race, with feral lives.

     Carnivorous beings, relentless and wild, 

    Their culture fierce, like an untamed child.

    Driven by instinct, they revel in the chase, 

    Preferring wilderness, where they find their place.

     Aggression in their veins, both male and female, 

    Seeking dominance, their strength they unveil.

    Chaotic in nature, with bloodlust they're bound, 

    Nomadic marauders, chaos they surround. 

    Warriors divided, their own kind they oppose, 

    Leaving destruction in their wake, their reputation shows.

    Trophies they gather, reminders of past might,

     Gruesome or mundane, treasures of the fight.

     Feeding on the fallen, no remorse they show, 

    Raiding graveyards, to satisfy their primal flow.

    1. Werewolf
    2. Gnoll
    3. Minotaur
    4. Displacer Beast


    Gnolls are humanoid yet beastly creatures (hyena-like) who thrive on their insatiable hunger. Gnolls are savage and wild, with a fierce and untamed culture. They are carnivorous beings, relentless in their pursuit of prey. With a chaotic nature, they are nomadic marauders who revel in aggression and seek dominance. Gnolls are divided among themselves and leave destruction in their wake. They collect trophies and feed on the fallen, displaying their primal and ruthless nature.

  9. 9

     Coated in fur and feathers combined, 

    With colors ranging, a beast defined.

    Avian head with eyes so round, 

    Beak hooked or serrated, it is found. 

    Claws like talons, fearsome to see, 

    Its screeches echo, warning to thee.

    Rotating forearms, strength and might,

     Agile and fierce in the fight.

     Head rotating, a wide range of view,

     Asymmetric ears, each sound it knew.

    Little intelligence, yet cunning it holds, 

    Ferocious and aggressive, its story unfolds. 

    1. Werewolf
    2. Griffon
    3. Owlbear
    4. Manticore


    The Owlbear has a blend of fur and feathers, an avian head with round eyes and a hooked or serrated beak, talon-like claws, the ability to rotate forearms and its head, asymmetric ears for precise hearing, limited intelligence but cunning, and a relentless hunger that drives it to attack anything in its path.

  10. 10 This one is homebrew

    "In hushed whispers, a horror takes its reign,

    erasing memories, causing minds to strain.

    A sinister presence, haunting collective thought,

    leaving no trace, as if never sought.

    Its haunting song, a siren's call,

    echoes through the night, enchanting all. 

    Erasing lives from the world's embrace,

    a silent menace, leaving no trace. 

    Solve this riddle, if you dare,

    and name the creature that erases memories with care.

    What am I, the embodiment of forgotten dread,

    a false harmony that feasts on minds instead?"

    1. Mind Flayer
    2. Banshee
    3. Nymph
    4. False Hydra

    False Hydra

    The False Hydra is a terrifying creature known for its ability to erase memories and manipulate the collective consciousness of those around it. It disguises its presence through a haunting song that mesmerizes and ensnares its victims. The False Hydra feeds on memories, causing people to forget the existence of those who have fallen prey to it. Its true nature is often hidden, leaving no trace of its victims and evoking a sense of dread and confusion.

  11. 11

    "Within dungeon's depths, a creature does lurk,

    unseen and stealthy, a danger that can irk.

    Transparent and silent, it slides with grace,

    a presence that fills adventurers with a sense of haste.

    Unseen until it strikes, its trap is sprung,

    engulfing its prey, the battle's already won.

    Solve this riddle, if you dare, 

    and name the entity that hides within dungeon's lair. 

    What am I, the hunter that slides, 

    a lurking danger that adventurers must abide?"

    1. Roper
    2. Gelatinous Cube
    3. Cloaker
    4. Shadow

    Gelatinous Cube

    The Gelatinous Cube is a transparent, amorphous creature that lurks in dungeons, waiting for unsuspecting prey to stumble into its path. It moves silently and engulfs its victims, trapping them within its gelatinous body.

  12. 12

     Stone-cold creature, with scales of might, 

    Petrifying foes, turning day to night.

    A reptilian form, a serpentine grace, 

    A dreaded predator, striking with haste.

     With lethal jaws and a venomous breath, 

    I bring terror and a cold, silent death.

    In ancient tales, my legend was told,

     A creature feared, with a heart so cold. 

     A challenge for heroes, bold and strong, 

    To face my deadly gaze, right the wrong.

    So, brave soul, answer me if you can, 

    What creature am I, in this riddle's span?

    1. Gorgon
    2. Medusa
    3. Basilisk
    4. Stone Golem


    The Basilisk is a large, reptilian creature with a deadly gaze. When a Basilisk meets someone's gaze, it can turn them to stone. It is a formidable foe that adventurers must be cautious of, as its petrifying ability can quickly incapacitate or even kill unwary heroes. The Basilisk's presence in the riddle aligns with its reputation as a fearsome creature capable of instilling terror and turning victims to stone.

  13. 13

    A master of disguise, a trickster am I, 

    Assuming forms that catch your eye.

     In dungeons deep, where treasures lie, 

    Beware the object that meets your sigh.

    An object, an innocuous thing, 

    But be cautious, it may take its sting. 

    With adhesive touch and jaws so strong, 

    I ensnare the unwary, right from wrong.

     With toothy maw and hunger profound,

     I devour intruders, my feast unbound.

    No ordinary object, I am in disguise, 

    A creature sly, with a wicked surprise. 

    1. Changeling
    2. Mimic
    3. Roper
    4. Trapper


    Mimics are monsters that possess the ability to mimic inanimate objects, typically treasure chests or other valuable items. They lure unsuspecting adventurers with the promise of wealth and then reveal their true form to attack. Mimics rely on their shape-shifting mastery to deceive and ambush their prey.

  14. 14

    With pointy ears and beady eyes,

    They roam, causing mayhem and cries.

    Skulking in shadows, they scheme and plot,

    Stealing and looting, their ill-gotten lot.

    Though weak in stature, they make up in numbers,

    Their hordes swarm like relentless encumbers.

    Crafty and cunning, they set traps and snares,

    Ambushing their foes, catching unawares.

    Their laughter echoes, a raucous sound,

    As chaos and mischief are spread all around.

    What am I, this trouble-making blight,

    A pest in the realm, causing constant fright?

    1. Gremlins
    2. Kobolds
    3. Ratfolk
    4. Goblins


    Goblins are small, humanoid creatures known for their mischievous and chaotic nature. They often gather in bands or hordes, forming communities that thrive in the shadows. They are skilled in thievery, prone to scheming, and enjoy causing trouble for others.

  15. 15

    "Surrounded by death, a figure stands tall,

    an ancient master of arcane, ruling over all.

    Forsaken mortality, embraced undying,

    seeking eternal power, relentless in its trying.

    A phylactery holds its essence secure,

    while magic courses through veins, obscure.

    Solve this riddle, if you dare,

    and name the dread entity that defies death's snare.

    What am I, the immortal sorcerer,

    the keeper of secrets and ultimate conjurer?"

    1. Necromancer
    2. Vampire
    3. Lich
    4. Ancient Dragon


    A Lich is a powerful undead sorcerer who has achieved immortality through dark rituals and the transformation of their mortal form. They are masters of arcane magic and seek to amass unlimited power and knowledge. The essence of a Lich is contained within a phylactery, which serves as a vessel for their immortal soul. Liches are feared for their vast magical abilities, their control over undead minions, and their relentless pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

  16. 16

    I am a serpentine creature, cunning and sly,

     With scales that shimmer beneath the sky. 

    Features of human and seperent, a fearsome sight,

     A  monster that strikes with venomous might.

    My society is organized, structured, and strict, 

    With castes and roles that I strictly depict. 

    From Purebloods to Abominations, we are diverse,

     A hierarchical society, our power we nurse.

    In battle, I strike with precision and guile, 

    My venomous bite can make even heroes recoil. 

    With magic and poison, I weaken my foes, 

    A corrupted human, a formidable pose.

    What am I?

    1. Changelings
    2. Nagas
    3. Yuan-ti
    4. Kobolds


    The answer is Yuan-ti because the riddle mentions a serpentine creature with scales, a hybrid of human and serpent features, known for being cunning and venomous. The reference to an organized society with strict roles and castes, including Purebloods and Abominations, further confirms the identity as a Yuan-ti. Additionally, their use of magic and poison in battle adds to their formidable nature.

  17. 17

    With colossal size and an armored hide, 

    My rampage leaves lands scarred far and wide. 

    No magic nor weapon can bring me low, 

    As destruction and terror everywhere I go.

    Cities crumble beneath my fearsome might,

     As I unleash havoc both day and night.

     Immune to harm, regeneration my boon,

     A monster of legend, a harbinger of doom.

    In legends whispered and stories passed, 

    My presence feared, my name unsurpassed. 

    What am I, the ancient nightmare, 

    the singular titan that strikes fear beyond compare?"

    1. Ancient Red Dragon
    2. Great Wyrm
    3. Kraken
    4. Tarrasque


    The Tarrasque is a legendary creature in Dungeons and Dragons known for its colossal size, armored hide, and destructive nature. It is immune to most forms of damage and possesses powerful regeneration. Its rampage leaves a trail of devastation, and cities crumble before its might. The Tarrasque is a feared and legendary monster, often considered one of the most dangerous and formidable creatures in the DnD universe. And there's only one Tarrasque. 

  18. 18

    In shadowed woods and caverns deep,

     A fearsome creature starts to creep.

     With fur so dark and eyes ablaze, 

    A monster lurks in stealthy ways.

    Tall and hulking, with strength untamed,

     Its presence leaves the timid maimed. 

    A terror clad in goblin guise, 

    Its brutality, no one denies.

    From stealthy sneaks to deadly strikes, 

    This  monster brings the frights. 

    With cruel intent and savage might,

     It haunts the darkness of the night.

    A fearsome name, a savage snare, 

    Now tell me, adventurer, if you dare, 

    What creature prowls with stealth and flare, 

    A nightmare known as the __________?

    1. Bugbear
    2. Gnoll
    3. Orc
    4. Owlbear


    Clue 1: This creature lurks in shadowed woods and caverns, preferring the cover of darkness.

     Clue 2: Its dark fur and fiery eyes give it a menacing appearance. 

    Clue 3: Towering and hulking, its presence instills fear, leaving the timid maimed. 

    Clue 4: Though it resembles a goblin, its brutality and strength are unmatched. 

    Clue 5: Known for its stealthy nature, it strikes fear with both sneak attacks and deadly strikes. 

    Clue 6: Haunting the darkness of the night, it embodies terror and savagery.

  19. 19

    "Features twisted, a countenance obscured,

    an enigma of shape, grotesque and obscured.

    From swamps and moors to tangled woods, 

    This creature roams where evil broods.

    With weathered skin and hair untamed by time,

    their presence evokes both dread and prime.

    Cloaked in raiments ragged, draped in mystery's guise,

    they wield enchantments with a vengeful rise.

    Solve this riddle, if you dare,

    and name the creature with a chilling glare.

    What am I, a master of spells and deceit,

    casting curses with a venomous beat?

    With ancient knowledge and a wicked guise,

    I roam the shadows, where darkness lies."

    1. Enchantress
    2. Hag
    3. Sorceress
    4. Nymph


    The Hag is a sinister and mystical creature in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. With twisted features and an obscured countenance, they embody darkness and evil. They roam through swamps, moors, and tangled woods, where malevolence thrives. Cloaked in ragged garments and possessing weathered skin, they hold ancient knowledge and wield enchantments with a vengeful intent. Their presence evokes fear and curses strike with venomous precision. As a master of spells and deceit, they navigate the shadows, casting their wicked magic upon the unsuspecting.

  20. 20

    "A demon prince, a terrifying sight. 

    Its form a fusion of the great and the strange,

     an enigma of features that elicit change.

     A force untamed, evoking dread when named. 

    What am I, a creature of discordant allure,

    with motives split and intentions unsure?

    Its essence is duality, a weakness to exploit,

    as conflicting desires its power does constrict. 

    A cunning plan for those who dare,

     to manipulate its nature, a perilous affair.

     Avoid its presence, the wisest decree,

     for evading this demon ensures your safety."

    1. Rakshasa
    2. Owlbear
    3. Harpy
    4. Demogorgon


    The riddle emphasizes the duality and discordant allure of Demogorgon. It is known for having split motives and uncertain intentions, making it challenging to comprehend or predict its actions. Its essence revolves around the concept of duality, which can be exploited as a weakness to undermine its power. Manipulating the nature of Demogorgon requires a cunning plan but is also a perilous undertaking.

  21. 21

    "A creature scuttles, its nature malign.

     Small in stature, yet filled with zeal,

    a cunning trickster with tricks to reveal.

    Scaled and crafty, its wits sharp and keen,

    a master of traps and schemes unseen.

    Born of draconian lineage, a loyal kin,

    serving with fervor, their loyalty akin.

    Solve this riddle, if you dare,

    and name the creature that dwells down there.

    Scavengers and miners, seekers of wealth, 

    They hoard their treasures, in search of stealth.

    With tricks up its sleeve, it plots and conspires,

    a relentless adversary that never tires."

    1. Kobold
    2. Goblin
    3. Gnome
    4. Gnoll


    The answer to the riddle is the Kobold. Kobolds are small, reptilian humanoids known for their cunning and resourcefulness. They are often depicted as living in underground lairs and working together in large groups. Despite their small size, they make up for it with their cleverness and ability to set traps and devise cunning strategies. They are known for their affinity for traps, mining, and their draconic heritage, making them a common menace in the depths of dungeons and underground tunnels.

  22. 22

    "A figure of allure, beauty's guise,

     With captivating gaze and sinful lies. 

    Statuesque form, flawless and fair,

     Clawed fingers, wings dark in the air. 

    Eyes smoldering with desire untold, 

    A creature coveted, enticing and bold. 

    In the shadows, their true form concealed, 

    Yet always captivating, to hearts appealed.

     Lusty in nature, craving corrupted souls,

     Seeking emptiness, their deadly goal. 

    Dream weavers, whisperers of forbidden pleasure,

    Inducing darkness, each devious measure.

     Their victims enticed, desires freely spilled, 

    Until souls are tarnished, their fate sealed. 

    A kiss, their weapon, a deadly embrace, 

    Claiming corrupted souls, leaving no trace. 

    What am I, the seducer of dreams and lust, 

    Feeding on desires, leaving hearts crushed?"

    1. Enchantress
    2. Succubus
    3. Siren
    4. Nymph


    Key characteristics and traits associated with a Succubus are their stunning beauty, alluring presence, clawed fingers, bat-like wings, and smoldering gaze. Their ability to shapechange and assume a humanoid form, their lustful nature, and their pursuit of corrupted souls. They also have a seductive influence in dreams, whispering of forbidden pleasures and tempting mortals to indulge in dark desires. The reference to a deadly kiss further emphasizes their ability to claim corrupted souls.

20+ DnD Monsters Riddles (feat. one villain). How many can you answer?

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