DnD Story: …or die?


My group a bard 2 rouges fighter and a mage. Came up to a door. We could hear people inside,

We could tell they were having some sort of party and one pc yelled im the best at 3 dragon anti.

The bard wanted to persuade them, she was indeed the best in all of the region, to do so we wanted a grand entrance. While also having a combat advantage just incase.


The fighter kicked the door down the two rouges used smoke bombs and sneak the mage used flames and the bard walked in with a sick solo…

The two rouges snuck in the room undetected. The fighter and mage stayed out side.

The bard convinced them she was the best and sat down for a drink and some gambling. (Won) mad the 3 pc tried to attack, the bard told the three not to do it or two will die a quick death, they still attacked using the advantage the two rouges both made a sneak attack while remaining undetected killing two of the three

The bard used intimidation and told the remaining one. To give all the gold and tell the rest what had happend. Or die…

By: Jake Yeomans


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