Dungeons & Dragons’ New Unearthed Arcana Focuses On New Monk and Barbarian Subclasses

What do you think of the newly added subclasses?

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Dungeons & Dragons recently released the latest edition of Unearthed Arcana which introduced two new subclasses for barbarians and monks as a playtest. The barbarian subclass is named “Path of the Wild Soul” while monks are credited with the “Way of the Astral Self” subclass. 

When it comes to the overall functionality of these subclasses, the barbarian's “Path of the Wild Soul” basically makes the character's rage a magical commodity. Once you're traveling on the wild soul's path, Feywild plays a major role in your journey as the magic saturates into your body and comes out in the form of a classic barbarian rage. This subclass is best experienced the longer you spend time to upgrade your barbarian's level. On the 3rd level, you get “Lingering Magic” and “Wild Surge” while “Magic Reserves” appear on the 6th level. Once you're on the 10th level, “Arcane Rebuke” comes around. Lastly, possibly the craziest form of a barbarian seen in a while is the “Chaotic Fury” which can be played with on level 14.

On the other hand, the monk's “Way of the Astral Self” is a translucent embodiment of a monk's psyche and soul. In simple terms, it tells us how a monk struggles with their ki and the connection of their mystical energy with their “Astral Self”. Similar to the barbarian's subclass, this can also be experienced in 4 different ways. First of all, on level 3 appear the “Arms of the Astral Self” followed by the “Visage of the Astral Self” on level 6. The next phase of the Astral Self is seen all the way in level 11 in the form of “Awakening of the Astral Self” while the final and the most overpowered form of the playtest, the “Complete Astral Self” can be achieved on level 17. 

Though this playtest might seem to be a precise target towards barbarian and monk players, it actually opens a lot of possibilities in the grand scheme of things. For example, this could easily form a link between one of the Ranger (Revised) and/or something like an Artificer. Therefore, we wouldn't be surprised if at least one of these new subclasses makes its way into the official book. 

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