Halfling starts a Cult session 1

this is my first story ive submitted but im a fan of various uploaded stories so i thought id might share mine, and my first real campaign in d&d.

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so as a foreward notes this is my first campaign, ive play a session or two before this with my DM as i got comfortable with the game mechanics. Im a big Video Game RPG nerd so it didn't take long to figure things out and became immediately hooked. Also added to the fact my DM was open to testing materials or other homebrew as long as discussed with him as long as you were having fun. Aside from the DM, every player id meet at the same time as their character so i knew very little personally. Also this story is a bit graphic as we play evil characters.

This Story starts out with my character Taven, a Dragonmarked human hybrid as a Aberrant Sorcerer & a Halfling Warlock of a Great Old One named Maurice but others called him "Ol Crazy" to what i was about to find out. We also had a Fighter guard as a place holder for another player later on, who became a Warforged Death Cleric named Deecan.

Aboard a small boat along with a handful other people sent to establish a village after a dragon attack, we guided our boat along to some islands. As we approached to shore we noticed a small campfire by the treeline ahead of us. This is where I asked my Halfling friend who just finished scribbling his character on to his paper, "What do you think we should do?" I ask him curiously to hear from my new friend i just met moments ago. "Oh you asking me?" he says as i look over at my DM, the only other person at the moment there. "My character is Crazy" he looks at the DM "I immediately look at the 2 closest people – Take off your clothes" he tells them with a stern look. "uhhh Roll…..Persuasion?" the DM says. "Natural 20!!" the halfling screams.

The DM chuckles, "so the 2 people begin to strip down & give you their clothes"
"i pull out a piece of paper & write a note." he then begins to tie the note to an arrow & tie all of the clothes along as well creating a tail of clothes which is fixed to the arrow as well. He then pulls our a short bow & rolls an 15 to shoot it at the camp.

"What did you write on the note?" i ask curiously. With the straightest face he turns to look at me "i wrote Hello" he says as he looks back at his arrow which has stunk into the branches above the campfire. As the tail of clothes begin to dangle down we hear a noise coming from the camp, sounds like shouting in some different langauage. "Can i attempt to mimick him?" he asks to DM "uhh Sure, roll performance" "Natural 20!!" he shouts.

"you begin to mimick the creature, as it hears you it comes out of the forest & shoots at you" the dm rolls his dice "as misses but the Guard shoots back & hit with enough to drop him"

"well thats one way to make friends" i say after watching the spectacle unfold. As we breach on land the Halfling immediately jumps out and runs to the body of what we find out is a bugbear. He procceds to disembowl this creatures and wraps its intestines around his neck like hawiian lays as he turns around with 2 more in his hands as he walked over to the naked citizens he earlier asked for their clothes now hands them each one an says "welcome to the disemboweled brothers" as i watch a cult form within meer moments of my first campagin i wonder whats next as my character starts building a home, the Halfling begins building a church with his new members as it begins. Later ill talk about how entire town joins him one day leaves to return stripped naked with their new leader riding a wolf missing one of his hands.


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