How a DM forgetting what you are can ruin a whole campaign

Boo Baby

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    This is a short one. But it is the story of how a simple forgetful action and some hot dice can derail a campaign. 

   I have played many charectors im my time. I have also deleated many charectors that I have found boring. With that said, let me introduce you to Boo. He is a dragonborn with only One eye. Has one horn. Boots of flying, (important to the story) He is a rare breed of Blue dragon that is actually purple. And yes, for thoes that are old enough. He does eat people. 

   Boo is a Barbarian, 12 lvls with 4 of fighter. (Champian) Bear bearian as well. And he has all the fun feats. Great weapon master. alert, uses a great Maul. you know, he has one trick, but damm its a good trick.

   We were playing a short custom campaign where the party was to go and kill the head priestess of a new rising cult. Pretty standard dungeon, traps, undead, nothing to exciting. But the DM was a bit new at DMing, and the group was making it fun. Well, a combination of bad timing, turning right instead of turning left and low and behold.  Priestess. Along with a few friends. A few friends being her ENTIRE DAMM ARMY. And her bodyguards. Well, she starts boasting about our impeading death, bla bla blaaa. And of couse she wasnt scared because we were seperated by 40 feet of distance, her bodyguards and as many dudes as the DM could throw inbetween us. Now, he respected Boo as he had seem him in action. A living walking tank. So, roll initative. Alert, advantage, Boo goes first. Rages and charges. Now he is where the DM forget one, very simple thing. Boo is a One eyed, one horn, FLYING, purple people eater. Flys right over EVERY SINGLE GUY. Army, bodyguards, everything. Now the thing with Boo, he is not very subtle. Every attack is a great weapon attack, and every attack is reckless. And with champion, crits on a 19. So basically 5d6+18 on a crit. 3 crits and a hit later. Dead priestess. Everyone is so shocked. The DM says everyone is so broken they up and run. He was a little salty, but was a great sport with the whole thing considering the whole thing was ment to go on for a few sessions. 

  The group is still together. And we play quite often. I dont pull Boo out very often because he is damm near impoissible to kill. He is my, I dont want to think about things charector. But I hope you have had fun reading my first little story.

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