How an Assamar Paladin of glory repelled 1000 dwarvs


This is a story on how my dream character helped fend off an entier siege of 1000 dwarves. 

My party consisted of me an aasamar paladin of glory, A halfling rouge, and a dwarf paladin of this worlds dragon gods named Quincy. 

We were contracted to defend a city from a sige of dwarves orded by an angery barron upset by a 500 year old conflickt that killed his uncle. 

After a few days in a watch tower and a few missadventures it was finally here. we man the walls and begin the sieg. We are greatly outnumbered by this legion of 1000 dwarves and stuggle to keep the sieg ladders down causing a lown powder keg holder to blow open the gates.

Arnimas yells out “im going to the breach cover me!” as he pickes up a spear from a dead lizard folk and rushes down the steps. He then joins the defence consisting of a shield wall of dragon born and a mix of other races as spearmen men.

The first wave crashes into the shields “HOLD THEM BACK FOR THE GLORY OF THE DROGON GODS” says arnimas in his deep commanding voice. The line reforms and we prepair for another wave. The dwarves come charging in double the number despite the young brass dragon comander behind us, The word dragon finaly clinks in my head. Arnimas yells out “BREATH WEAPONS READYYY” shortly followed by a faint sound of dragon kin inhailing. the dwarves get close enough to see the whites in there eyes  amd with a smile Arnimas yells “EXHALE DEATH” and in a glorious streak of colour the dragonborn mealt,shock ,and burn atleast 100 dwarves. With this distraction on the breach the ladders were able to be finished off and the dwarves other waves left in terror at the sight of this angel leading a horde of dragons.



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