How my party got so Gun-ho, it killed them

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I had just gotten the DM's guide that contained alot of good tipes for my homebrew campaigns, but it also had a section with guns, and naturally I had to make a campaign for my friends with it. I had tried getting them into normal D&D but they couldn't get past making the characters. I knew the were really into halo, so I added a few guns and based damage off the guns that were in the book, made monster stats for the covenant and flood, experimented with vehicle health and dmg(didn't really go that well so I minimized how many working vehicles we found), made a few new roles like medic, pilot, explosives expert, and sniper. I don't know if any of these roles were already made so I went with what I knew about the game. I changed the levels to titles rather then ranks, so now it was cadet, marine, ODST, sparten, and Titan. Admittedly I got Titan idea from a youtube video called Dawn of the Titans by Digital Virus. I replaced exp with Battle points. Based off performance, they would be given battle points at the end of the mission. We made our characters and were ready to go. Our fireteam had me, our medic, our sniper marks, who put marks on his gun after every kill, ryan our team leader, and powder, our explosives expert. I told them sense they were cadets, they would be put in a VR simulation, so they didn't have to fear dying just yet, and it would give them an idea of what the fire fights would be like. I put it in a nubony setting, a little after buck dropped. We were one of the first fire teams on the scene and it was our job to help evac civillians while giving the covies a hard time settling in. We grouped up with a few officers that were pinned by jackel fire. Marks cut through a building to get a better angle and head shot the first two without the others noticing. After he killed the third, the last two noticed him and focused there fire on his position. This gave us, well those with battle rifles, a chance to finish them off. After a few bursts we killed them and the officers told us they were on their way to the plaza where most of the populace were told to go for evac. This is were things started going badly. Once we reached the plaza, we saw several brutes and grunts setting up turrents and shields, along with a wraith. There wasn't a way into the surrounding buildings so we couldn't get a angle to snipe them or one to blow up the wraith. We tried moving to the parking garage but it had similar defenses, just less brutes. Marks got ready and we sprayed our first volley, killing most of the grunts and destroyed the brutes armor, but the brute mounted the turrent and laid down a thick stream of fire while the last few grunts run for help. We tried picking off some of the grunts as they made a run for it, but as we killed the last one, he just barely made it around the cornor. The wraith was the first to come around then three brutes and several jakels and gruntes. I suggested Marks snipe the brute maning the turrent and we make a break for the garage, but they wanted to be marines so they desided to try and kill all of them. Marks kills the gunner to the wraith while the rest of us used grenades to thin them out. We killed most of the grunts, 5 or 6 jackels, and even a brute. But now it was their turn. The wraith killed me and most of the police, the brute ran to ryan and filled him with spikes, and the rest of the jackels and grunts missed. Powder blew up the wraith with his rocket and marks picked up my assualt rifle and made a dash for the garage, shouting to powder,"We need to move NOW!". Powder didn't care, tried taking cover behind one of the plasma shields and waited. The wraith destroyed the shield and the jackels finished him off. Marks watched him die and went inside. Their were a few patrols, which he snuke passed. When he got to the roof, he found nothing but the bodies of civillians and elites. The evac never came and there was nothing he could do. He had to leave. He opened the door and walked into a squad of brute jumpers. He killed 2, ran out of ammo, picked up one of the dead brutes spikers, killed another, but was gunned down by the last 2. We don't really play much anymore because of schedules, but I still keep in touch


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