How My Party Used Wish In The Best Way Possible

Party fail to defeat a druid cult who were in the process of animating a mountain only to use a wish to have their own animated mountain. Leading to a mountain fight


Ever since winter of 2015 I've run a game of 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons for a group of friends. Due to studying abroad we are only able to play maybe once every half year. The nature of our games leans more towards comedy and silliness rather than serious RP. In the group, e had a human wizard named Dagnus Featherbeard, a warforged monk named Drake Pizzabox, and finally, a 6-inch tall halfling named Tiny Sam. For this game, the party was 11th level. 

Every game the party would hunt members of the Evil League of Legal Evil Eagles, a group of powerful individuals who were working together to bring about the destruction of the very world the PC's inhabited. In this particular game, they’d received a new mark: Resto Boomskin. A powerful druid who was planning on casting a powerful ritualistic spell to animate Mt. Evereverest, the largest mountain on the continent and use it to smash the world to bits. 

With their new target, the party set out to put their evil plans to a stop and confronted the cult in the midst of casting their ritual. After a bit of bad guy monologuing the fight began. The dice were in my favor that night and after a long session of combat, the party was forced to retreat as the odds were turning in their favor. They teleported away and began devising a last-ditch plan to stop a least stop the ritual, but as they were discussing their options, they began to see the distant mountain slowly rise and take on a humanoid appearance. As they continued watching the mountain man began to take steps in the direction of their city. 

It was then that Dagnus Featherbeard asked me if there were any other large mountains around their location. I told him that there were a few, but none quite as large as the mountain they had fought the cult on. He teleported the party to this mountain without directly stating his purpose. 

Since we only play these games every half year, we typically forget the specifics of what has happened in the campaign and what sorts of treasures or boons they’ve managed to gather in the time playing together. At this point, Dagnus announces the scroll of Wish that I’d given him a year ago and begins to cast it.

“I wish the same effect of the spell cast by Resto Boomskin on Mt. Evereverest would take effect on the mountain I’m standing on.” 

As a DM I was floored by the words spoken to me and had to call a 10-minute break while I decided what to do with the wish. In the end, I decided to allow the wish to take on the desired effect and spent the remainder of my break figuring out how I wanted mountain combat to work.

In the end I had no clue what I was doing and as the game resumed I openly stated “I don’t know how to DM this” as I described how the mountain the players were standing on began to animate as Mt. Evereverest had. They quickly charged out to meet the cult head-on and rolled exceptionally well, concluding in their mountain breaking the enemy to bits and squashing the remaining cultists under their stone boot. The effect of the spell wore off they used the remaining power to pose over their home city. Their mountain stands there to this day. 


Left to right: Drake, Dagnus, Tiny Sam


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