How one angery Druid destroyed an entire religion


Before the story begins heres a little backstory on how this whole mess started. One day out of the blue my brother asked if I wanted to play DnD with him and a couple of his old party members, and me being the huge nerd I am, immediately said yes. So he ads me to the discord server we’re going to play in and I’m told to make a character. After bouncing som ideas off of everyone, I eventually settled on Ghale Farwind, the Gold Dragonborn Driuid of the Spore. The other character was Snapper Boneshell the Tortle Monk of the Long Death, we did have a half-orc fighter named Orduke before, but sadly he had passed on a cople sessions earlier, but thats a story for another time. The story begins after a long sea voyage to a new continent, the reason we were there at all was to retrieve a shard of a god of nature who was shattered in a war against the god of constructs. We had tracked this particular shard to a temple of yet another god, this one being a god of love.  I think? Anyway, we enter the temple and I ask one of the temple goers where I can find this shard, and they tell me that I would have to talk to the head priestess, but also that she was very busy at the time. Now, Ghale has never been one to threaten people, but he had been sent by his god to recover this shard so he could fix reality (oh yeah, my party kind of broke reality after our very first mission. We wrote our DM into a corner and he used that in universe, pretty creative on his part.) and he didnt understand why they wouldn’t let him have it, so he threatened them. No sooner had the words left my mouth did I hear ” They kiss you on the forehead, make a wisdom save.” I failed and was charmed and invited to partake in some . . . worshiping. Ghale fought it with all he had and ended up breaking the charm. Now enraged he demanded to speak with who was incharge. Well ask and you shall receive, because at that moment out came the head priestess of the temple. After asking for the shard again, and being denied again, Ghale had had enough and he cast “Blight” on the priestess for 40 damage(the preistess crit failed her save and I rolled extremely high). The fact that that didnt kill them right then and there sent a chill up my spine and Ghale’s as well. Ghale then felt something come over him and he couldnt move, someone had cast hold person on him and he wasnt happy about it. As the head priestess stepped back toward me she said “If you wish to leave with your lives you will turn around and leave this place and come back when you learn to be civil.” and with that they dissapeared into a back room of the temple, and the hold person was released. Seathing with rage Ghale walked out of the temple and then got an idea. He looked to Snapper and simply said “Follow me” and took off into the air with the wings he got from a magic item, Snapper not entirely sure what was going on followed, again magic item that let him fly. Ghale flew about 100 ft. in the air and when Snapper caught up he was already chanting the vocal componants of ‘Call Lightning’. Some things about Call Lighning if you’ve never used it; it lasts for ten minutes, does 3d10 base damage(I cast it a level abouve normal so 4d10). I did the math and with the 100 bolts that I get, the average damage is 2200 with a minimum of 400, and I rolled above average, basically meaning the temple was reduced to rubble. Afterward it became somewhat of a joke with me not being aloud to cast call lightning anymore, but in the end all that matter to me was that Ghale finally got the shard.


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