how the damage soaking wizard turned out to have a tragic backstory

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this story comes from a campaign I played a while back in dnd 5th in around 2016.

I was about LVL 11 when this happened I was playing a drow Wizzard named Duanda which although I can't remember its meaning is an insult in the Drowen language.

the story begins after my party had got about halfway into the latest adventure we'd taken a break from long-winded stepping around the law or tracing legendary monsters and were in a hack n slash style dungeon-delving for some ancient treasure. in other words. crowd control just became the prefered caster play. unfortunately for the party, I'm a bladesinger I focused my spells on self-recovery, reactions and melee damage.

also 1uick bit of backstory my guy is the ex prince of the capital city of the drow in the Underdark he ran away after realising how horrible they truly were and his female servant ran with him but was captured.

we get around 2 sessions into the dungeon when a by chance perception check reveals a large tunnel supported by wooden beams leading downwards at a decently steep angle.

the DM isn't exactly subtle with hinting that this is to do with me so I run an investigation check i rolled a 16 and the DM says 'you feel the wood and prod it for about three minutes trying to find something when you suddenly realise why the wood seems so off, it's not wood, its some form of dried fungus very thick and seems almost similar to pine wood.'

me 'do i recognise it'

DM 'eh role intelligence to remember' i role a nat 20 on the check DM 'ok it's a large underdarkian fungus called a zhurkwood it's commonly used by drow and duergar for tools and construction'


the entire table turns to me as they realise what this means to my character

I quickly cast wall of stone and shove a large 10ft by 10ft and a deep as i can stone wall blocking the tunnel.

the DM informs me I currently have disadvantage on concentration.

we hack and slash through some more rooms and find some decent gold and a belt of a stone giant strength increase for me as even the paladin has less health then I do, bad roles on their part I guess. more hack n slash until eventually, we reach a room with the stone doors busted down and my suspicions from seeing the tunnel and the odd crossbow in the loot was growing I rolled investigation on the busted door. 

17 there are small scratch marks about my arm height on the door and footprints slightly smaller than mine but also a larger pair around the same size. at this point the rogue/bard steps in and roles survival to track the footprints, we follow them down to a secluded large impromptu Barack where around 12 drow are sleeping and a muffled and chained figure in rags in a cage next to a large blackish tent with two half-asleep guards nearby ordained in Beautifull silver armour. this is a war camp of some kind and that's the leader's tent.

we role stealth and pass the check.

we all start killing the drow in their sleep one by one occasionally messing up but I cast silenced right before we started so no one is alerted.

I slowly sneak up on the guard on the left while the rogue/bard takes the one on the right.

the rogue/bard roles a Nat 20 and criticals his target

I Nat 1 crit fail mine and the table goes silent as the guard yells loudly and draws his shortsword. 

the tent blows open and we begin combat.

until I realise were underground, there is no win, I use my racial ability and cast dispel magic (it was my drow Nobel families extra skill) but I instantly fall to shock.

the woman leading the legion of elves, the person I hate more than anyone else.

she turns to me noticing her lack of invisibility and smiles smugly 'so little Qaral returns to me' she grins wider and the rest of the party have just finished the remaining drow guard.


 she smirks in a way that worries me 'you make one move wrong and she dies'

from nowhere she pulls an enchanted hand crossbow which I remember from a successful int role was a +2 to attack and she was proficient with it and aims it at the caged figure.

I question why I would care when I hear a voice 'is that you, did you come back for me Q' i slowly lowered my longswords and the party follow suit. the voice was my female servant I had long assumed dead.

Loreal realised how big and advantage she had and offered me a place at her side in exchange for my servant back. I agreed.

we then entered combat with the rest of the party and my raven familiar returns to my shoulder. around three rounds later I had gotten close enough to my mother and rolled attack on her.

my plan was working.

I had sent my raven while I was in faked shock to the paladin with a small parchment telling him the plan.

i grappled my mother and the party suddenly let loose a torrent of spells and attacks as the rogue/bard picks the lock on the chains.

my mother is down to 1hp and she turns to me in dark speech and chants a curse. her last life force leaving her eyes as the DM tells me I take 1D12 necrotic damage every hour until i am cured.

he roles damage i fail my con save and I look at my health. 0HP

the DM tells me that I have a few minutes and I'm dying slowly. 

the entire party is desperately trying to save me and i suddenly realise. these arent minutes to be defying death but saying farewell to those of my life.

the servant girl holds my head in her arms and gently rocks back and forth holding me tightly. I speak 'too my dearest friends I thank you for the great journey I hope if ever someone replaces me do not hold them ill will and I ask you one last favour, take care of her will you.' i coughed up blood before turning to my servant 'you are free now and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me when I'm gone for leaving you yet again' she sobs quietly 'i pray that one day when you die I will be lucky enough to meet you in the afterlife once more.' he gently kisses her forehead before taking his last breath.

the god Ohl descended from the heavens and spoke 'this brave soul is among the few of his kin to be forgiven and granted access to heaven. he has stopped an impending threat to the surface world and as god of life and light, I grant you a second chance. use it well live long and prosperous and one day we shall except you with open arms.'

he resurrected me to full health healed my servant girl and i took my twelfth level as a cleric in his domain of life to honour him and the servant girl stayed with the party as we slowly exited the dungeon where she stayed and looked after our keep while we were away.


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