• How Mialee Windseeker became the Angel of Death

    This story comes from the Ebonvarld Annals of History (from my homebrew world of Ebonvarld): Mialee Windseeker began as a carefree and free spirited Aellar(winged elf). She left home in the Stonewood Mts as many do to seek adventure and find her place in the world. As a sorcerer/ranger, she was certain she could handle...
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    The tragic tale of Ashyn and Umalock

    This story is from my first ever campaign of D&D and while it doesn't have a happy ending during this campaign, a recent update has given me a bit of hope for their true ending. Some brief backstory to set the stage.  Ashyn was by best friend's character i'd known vaguely in highschool but became...
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