The Bookworm and The Thief

The tiefling rogue slips into the tower, expecting to find some scrolls or valuables to sell back in town... instead he finds a half-dragon cleric.

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Ok, some spoiler warning is needed: This story borrows a LOT from the Vessel of Stars web adventure for 3.5 (setting, monsters, npcs). That being out of the way, here we goooooo:


This is a story from my second 3.5 campaing (my first one being a disaster but thats another story) I started DM ing again after 15 years as i was traveling across the country and got dropped a d20 while busking with my guitar. me and a fellow traveler came up with the idea of playing DnD, since i kept talking about having fond memories of the game. So i went and got myself some OEF'S of The 3.5 DMG1/2, PHB1/2, draconomicon, races of dragon, oriental adventures and some other source material books. (This was my first mistake)

So during character building my friend stumbles across my Dragon books… 

Player: "Half-Dragons are so OP… its crazy"

Me: "Yeah, remember my half-dragon from the last campaing we played together? They aren't easy to build/play into a campaing. But if you manage, i won't stop you" (that was my second mistake)

So my friend spent the next 3days straight, buildind the most powerful character i have seen since my  ADnD days… A Prismatic Half-Dragon Cleric. With a few nerfs to its breath and how it will level up (using the draconic variant fom RoD), i gave her the green light and decided to start our campaing as lvl6 characters, using her backstory to create my own little monster: a Tiefling rogue who had a many bow feats.

The adventure starts here:

The rogue arrives in the forest, outside a tower; the great library of the elves. He thinks that even if there is no gold, elven knowledge could be worth his time. He scales the side of the tower, until he reaches the window. 

After a few lockpicking and move silently checks, he finds himself in the room. He notices a sleeping person, but decides to keep going. No need to kill them if they aren't a threat, right? He starts his search. First nat1 of the session. 

While looking through a drawer, he pulls to hard and it drops on his foot. He curses loudly. Enter mrs. half dragon.

She wakes up and notices a thief going through her belongings.

D:"…Errr…Excuse me…Thats mine"

T:*curses in infernal* well, plan B!

he casts darkness and exits the room through the once locked door. He runs down the hallway and into the actual library. He tries to open the door but it is locked, and the half-dragon is right behind him!


The tiefling manages to open the door, although barely (This door was locked for 150 years, to keep the dragon in) and ends up running head first into the guards. 4 Elven Knights. He gets knocked out. The Dragon pleads to the Knights to leave him in her care, on condition she returns to her tower peacefully.

During this time, the Half-Dragon brews a few potions and stabilizes the tiefling. It takes 3 days to nurse him back to health. During that time they talk about themselves, their goals and realising the dragon spent 150 years in solitude, decides to break her out. They climb out the window at night and exit the elven city through a secret passage. Destination: Horvanth. In the forest, the face a few encounters. Worgs and Winter wolves. The tiefling was impressed when he saw the Prismatic breath ability in combat, since it turned two worgs to goo after taking 80 points of acid damage.  unfortunately the winter wolves weren't so forgiving: their ice breath knocked down the dragon, forcing the tiefling to return the favor of her saving him.

A mutual respect was formed. It Took them 3 days to exit the forest. Afterwards i dumped them in a mini dungeon, where they met their 3rd party member… unwittingly. 

Part 2 soon!


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