The civil wars that destroyed are game

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The players were me and my 3 siblings and the DM was my dad.

Originally we were a party 

I was a level 11 fighter subclass was champion

I had the holy avenger

My hit points were 94 and Ac 15

I had two winter wolves

My sister was a level 10 necromancer 

She had a wand magic missiles 

Her hit points were 50 and Ac 13

My brother a level 11 rogue subclass assassin

And he had hidden blades and daggers 

His hit points 70 Ac 15


My youngest brother was a barbarian subclass totem warrior of a bear

He had the Berserker axe

His hit points was 111 and Ac of 16 

We all became rulers of land after helping the king in the war against orcs which were invading his kingdom.

We won because we had 3 airships, a small army and each of us had a dragon 

I had a adult golden dragon

My sister had a adult bronze dragon

My brother had a adult red dragon 

My other brother Ancient brass dragon

When we won the war we all got a piece of land. 

We all ruled for a few sessions made changes 

I made an army of 1000 wizards

I put turrets along the coast 

I even created a drachlich to defend my castle 

Also I made an alliance with the ice giants which were on Aurilssbarg they were around 50 of them

My sister built huge boats

My brother made an army of 2000 assassins

My other brother made boats with balusters

After around 3 sessions my brother (the assassin one) got tired of the peace and invaded my lands. Firstly he sent assassins to kill the men at my outposts out of the ten outposts he killed 6 of them in till one of them sent a warning to me about the invasion.

My brother brought 15,000 men to my east borders 

When my other siblings heard about my brother invading me they started to sail towards me.

My sister had 400 ships my other brother 310 ships when they were about to get to the coast they met each other and began to attack each other

after a few rounds of boarding and baluster bolts being fired my siblings mounted their dragons.

They flew into the middle of the fight my brother got the initative he used his breath weapon and burnt my sister it did 103 damage my sister fired magic missiles at my brothers dragon doing 49 damage.

My sister rolled a 16 and elecacuted him doing 163 damage

The Dm said that they needed to roll a D20 to see if any ships fired at them

My brother rolled a 16

My sister rolled a 1

A bolt from a balister fired into my sisters dragons eye with a screech the dragon plummeted to the ocean with a crash a small tsunami took place destroying 7 ships my sister died 

My brother lost 121 ships when my sister lost 163 ships my brother got my sisters boats he had 426 by the end of the conflict

Back to me vs my brother 

My army of 16000 and his 15000 clashed we Both formed shield walls in the middle of the valley of Khedrun. You know what a shield wall is right here’s an example.

I had my wizard army on top of a mountain near the valley through the whole fight they launched fire balls down on the enemy.

I had my ice giants hide in Lurkwood but they didn’t know that my brother sent his assassins into the forest they had a skirmish for around 6 turns.

The ice giants were beating the assassins the ice giants lost 8 giants when the assassins lost 900

The assassins retreated

During the shield wall some of my troops did a thaned retreat (that is a fake retreat for people who don’t know) this caused my brothers troops to chase them down this is when the ice giants ran out the the woods and killed 2000 men 

The wizards launched fire balls which killed 3000

My army lost 2000 when they was a slight break through the wall

My brother got angry so he mounted his dragon and flew onto the battlefield using his breath weapon he burnt 4000 men this opened a gap in the shield wall which my brothers men ran through killing 300

I mounted my dragon and it went into a dragon fight we both rolled for initiative he rolled a 18 when I rolled a 13

His breathed weapon (fire) caused 100 damage my dragon got burnt when I used my breath weapon it caused 104 damage

A few more turns of breath weapons happened after

Suddenly are dragons interlocked in the air my brothers dragon clawed at my ones belly when I bite his neck and got a natural 20 my dragon bite my brothers dragon head off the head fell down and killed 500 of both of are armies men

With out me knowing my brother got the ring of feather falling which means he does not suffer any fall damage

Before he ran he took his assassins and 1000 men and ran into the spine of the world and hid.

One session later my other brother started to raid my west coast with 426 ships which had 14000 men

He raided fireshear but I built turrets which fired metal bolts I had a small garrison of 600 defending it my brother landed 7000 men on the shore and took over fireshear by his men using grappling hooks to get over the walls he burnt fireshear down to the ground but I destroyed 32 ships before he landed which killed 240 men

He began to move inland with 12760 men (he left 1000 to protect his boats) When he got to Hundelstone my army was waiting 

My ice giants hurled boulders and my wizards launched fire balls at my brothers army I ordered my men to charge

18900 men clashed 12760 men 

It became a free for all, I went right in with my two winter wolves my brother charged in swinging his berserker axe in one hand and his hand axe in the other

I was slaying men left and right my wolves covering my back 

My brother was throwing men and slashed at anyone who got too close


Suddenly we met right in the middle we both clashed I was able to do 37 damage in 3 turns but with mere brutality my brother dealt 60 damage my brother was about to hit me again one of my winter wolves jumped on him biting his arm the other jumped to bite leg

When I was about to finish him off a boulder landed right behind me causing me and my brother to fly 15ft I rolled a 14 so I almost went unconscious my brother got a 20 he was wide wake during the fight I lost 5000 men when my brother lost 7000 

My brother called a retreat he fled back to his boats

Then we just stopped playing unfortunately we started a new game and the back story was that the situation that was happening now was because of a civil war between siblings 

Are Dm was not expecting this at all he thought we would just want to quit when we got bored nope we murdered each other just because we wanted to end it with a bang 


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