The Only Time I Have Ever Killed A Fellow Party Member

in 10 years of playing D&D this is the only time I have killed a fellow PC, and boy did they deserve it.

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So this story goes back quite a ways, almost six years, and I still use it as a description to my players of unacceptable behavior at my table. I have been playing and dming for about a decade now and in all those years there is only one PC i actually planned out to kill, and my god was it magical.

The players at the table (names have been changed of course) were Nate the DM, Lily a genasi monk, Anna a lamia cleric, Jack an arakocra barbarian, my boyfriend a dragonborn barbarian, myself a wood elf rogue….AND that guy we will call him Joe playing a tiefling rogue who he named Darth Death…… I know right?. Joe was one of those players who just wanted to go around killing anything and everything. We were both playing rogues, and let me get this straight my rogue (Nessa) was not a good person her alignment danced between chaotic neutral and chaotic evil, but she wasn't one to spill blood just for the fun of it. Actually more often then not she got what she wanted by seducing her target instead of killing them. She stood by her mantra of: killing is too easy, intimidation last longer." Joe on the other hand built his character and backstory for the sole purpose of collecting souls from everything with a heartbeat. The first day I was introduced to this group my character loasso'd him around the neck and told him to stop being destructive. The group had found me bound up in a goblin encampment, Joe decided to try to take MY gear and kill all the goblins instead of giving us a chance to interrogate them. That's when I lasso'd him. The party was split 50/50 on who was in the right and who was in the wrong. Me killing him didn't come till months later both in real life and in campaign time.

Nessa had an interaction with a NPC, a red skinned tiefling rogue named Ponzi, who….. you know thats for another story, lets just say they 'danced' together and began to develop feelings for each other. The night before my rogue was to leave to go back to her guild, Joe's character led Ponzi away from the inn and killed him in an alleyway leaving his body to the rats. Nessa didn't know and assumed Ponzi had returned to the circus where they had met. Nessa left but had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. About a month or two in game passed and Nessa could not shake this feeling. Her deity, The Raven Queen, gave her a sign and she returned to the bar in the next town where she had last seen him. To her surprise she found him there but he was different. His soul was missing, he was a shell of the person he was, given false life. 

Nessa traveled to hell and back to retrieve his soul, Ponzi's new companion, a dark skinned teifling named Despair helped her with the ritual to return his soul to his body. After Ponzi was back to normal they 'danced' several times that night, afterwards he told her about how Darth had gotten him drunk, led him away and killed him. Nessa was so upset that she hashed out a plan to kill Darth for what he had done. Despair had given her a magic cloak that would give her the appearance of a tiefling. So she used that to disguise herlsef and put on a magic show for her fellow party. Ponzi hid in a box so as to be the grand finale, a few small slight of hand tricks later she chose a volunteer, Darth, he was brought on stage she simultaneously in one fluid motion like water, removed the cloak, opened the box, and pulled her dagger from her belt. The 'fight' did not last long and within 30 seconds Darth was dead on the ground at her feet.

6 years since and I still dont regret my decision to kill Joe's character, he kind of had it coming. Also not to mention the killing blow was a sneak attack crit max damage roll the dice gods were in my favor for that fight. Hmmm maybe I should tell you Nessa's story. 


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