The time when my pc’s dropped a noble child out of a window


My pc's had to break into a noble house and kill the noble for the mob  They plan everything out and are ready, but they decided to leave the SHADOW MONK out because they didn't want to have to many people, even though they brought the bard. So I say "you approach the house at the dead of night guards protect the front and side entrances." As they look at the map given to them by the mob. I see my monk player looking at there phone under the table and I ask what his character is doing he says "I'm just going around to local pubs and bars and hangout and talk to people maybe stealing some stuff" as he finishes he immediately looked down at his phone again and I start talking to the other players, and then I receive a message on my iPad from the monk player that says I follow behind them and break in before them. Each time he had to make a stealth role to hide from the guards and other pc's, or make attacks on the guards i told him to make a persuasion or sleight of hand check pretending to do stuff with him.

Basically what happened was he scaled the balcony to the nobles killed the guard up there and lock picked the door all while stealthed. then slit the nobles throat, rolled two 20s, on the table, to walk past the guards in the hall way, and stole all the loot from the treasure escaping through the chimney. All the while the rest of the party sets off all the alarms and has the bard play a song to distract the guards (Even more masking the monk).

When they finally get to the nobles room they find his neck slit as they all look at me, the dm, and I try to hold in a laugh as the monk player starts cackling. The players freak out as I tell them what happened and in desperation for some kind of victory the bard says i'm taking the kid, the fighter agrees and I go "WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING???????"

I tell him its a high roll, and he rolls a 20 crit. ok roll stealth, 20 crit. Welp you steal the girl.

Next day (also next session), there dishing out loot (the monk gets most of it) and the girl wakes up. the other pc's kick out the crazies who stole her and they talk to her, she screams and they knock her out. Then for some reason they decide to drop her out the window and tell them roll for dexterity for your knot a 7 I say "ok". I also tell them that it is morning and people are walking out of there homes.

A crowd starts to form as they drop her out the window and the knot comes unloose and the player who wasn't there the last session jumps to save the girl they roll high enough taking the brute force of the damage. The one pc who saved the girl is a revered hero while the rest are criminals with a high enough bounty to make them never go into the same city or settlements around it ever again.



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