TTiny Gnome Wizard with a Punch

Probably one of the coolest things a wizard has done!


This is something that happened recently in my uncle’s campaign. My character is a 2ft 6in tall gnome wizard named Snas. The party is in the very bottom of an almost dungueon like basement of a manor we’re investagating. 3 skeletons guarding a door to the last room. Killed off 2, the third knocks on the door alerting whoever’s in that room before coming to battle us. As more skeletons & what looks to be the leader of these guys come out, I, wanting to preserve my life, run to the hallway that leads to the spiral staircase going to the upper part of the basement. But still wanting to be part of the battle, I throw Fire Bolt at the leader, hurting him a bit & pissing him off.

He responded by throwing a blast my way & killing me. One of our rouges heard the “whooshing” sound as I fell to the floor dead, but our male ranger actually noticed I had died. After the battle, he alerted our cleric who revived & healed me to 13 points of health, just 2 off from from health. As soon as we entered the other room, we went right back into combat. When my turn comes, I have a thirst for vengence. I yell “Die, ya bastard!” & send Witch’s Bolt at the leader. Nat 20, a total of 27 damage. Bloodied the guy. Rest of party tried to help off him, to little avail. Most interesting was when our barbarian tried to hit the leader with her great axe & ended up hitting my lighting instead, getting a tingly sensation in her fingers. His turn comes up. Throws a blast my way, same one that killed me earlier. Rolled a nat 20 dex throw & simply dogded it without blinking an eye. Told him “Nah ah, not again.” My turn rolls around again. Still doing Witch’s Bolt. Rolled 23 damage, leaving him a bloodied, charred pile, splattering our barbarian in the process. Once the battle’s done, my only response to the rest of the party’s comments on this is “Don’t piss me off.”

I think what makes this even better is the fact that my uncle said this is the first time that he’s seen someone kill someone with Witch’s Bolt.


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