Why I am no longer aloud to play a Halfling Cleric

This is the story of why my previous group forever banned me from a halfling cleric.


Back in college i was sitting down with my normal group to play a 3.5 homebrew campaign. As we were creating characters the dm noticed that no one wanted to play a healer. He had designed the entire campaign around the group having a dedicated healer. He begged and pleaded and no one would agree. Finally he resulted to bribery. He finally convinced me to play a halfling Cleric named Klepto. The thing about Klepto is he had a bag of holding type 4 and would subconsciously steal stuff. He didnt realize he stole from them and he was too innocent when accused for anyone to want to go forward with the acusation.

The game begins. We go through a dungeon with Klepto literally pulling a tool out for every occasion. My rolls were spot on. Klepto had even managed without realizing it to steal a set of full plate for our fighter. We get to the end of this first dungeon and Klepto hears something in a side cave. Being the innocent nothing means to harm each other personality I was playing him as, he went to investigate without telling the party. Meanwhile the party began a fight with a pack of dire wolves. The Wizard and Rogue went down immediately. The Ranger followed right behind. The Fighter was putting up a heck of a fight but knew would lose soon. He briefly wandered where Klepto had gotten off to when a fully grown cave troll came bounding into the room and began to trounce the wolves. Klepto was on the troll's shoulder reaching down with his staff to heal his allies. It didn't take long for the encounter to end. Klepto had found an injured troll on the side path. The DM had meant for the party to come this way and finish the troll finding an alternate route around the fight. Instead I healed it. then convinced it to be my friend. It believed it owed me a life dept thanks to four nat 20 rolls of diplomacy from me. This became a thorn in the DM's side. Every large fight the group would sit back and let Unk (the troll) tank the big bads while they chipped away at it and Klepto healed. 

Finally the DM killed Unk by having a dragon attack. Klepto's answer to this was to go out into the woods. Thanks to several more very high diplomacy rolls, Klepto returned with a Storm Giant this time. He named him Shocky. Shocky just liked Klepto. 

the DM threw in the towel and said we win. He couldn't deal with Klepto befriending everyone. To this day that group will not let me play a halfling cleric again.


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