A Ragnarok Campaign where I made my DM cry

DM gave us an epic journey and I made him cry in the epiloge.

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So a friend of mine came up to us one day with an idea for a 4th edition D&D campaing based on the Ragnarok Myth and the "Valkyria Profile" videogame. The party was: A "Valkyrie" aka Female human-fighter with polearm weapons, "Kaylee" a Half-elf battlepriest who despised gods above all else, Aribeth an eladrin sorcerer played by the DMs Girlfriend and me "Mindaris" as an Eladrin Mage with a pyromancer build.

We begin the story midfight amongst each other on a four way battle between humans (and half elves) eladrins (and elves), dwarves and orcs when the sun darkens and the Ragnarok (end of the world) begins. We basically died in a cinematic as some form of fearsome monsters ate us.

We wake up in Valhalla and Odin gives us Frey's boat which can go up and down the Yiggdrassil tree, for those of you unfamiliar with this concept even though Thor movies have made the norse mythology very popular, this is the multiverse according to Norse myth, a giant tree where all worlds rest amongst its branches and the boat is basically a planar skiff. Our task as new Einherjars (revived warrior in service of the gods to fight in this final battle) is to go down to the Norns who can see the past present and future and retrieve a profecy which should help us win the Ragnarok.

The profecy itself was as this:

"Four will leave Valhalla to find the hidden runes, they will fight the Jotuns, Jörmungandr, the alfs and the ginnugaggap, they will find Odin's eye and defeat he who claimed Balder's life. But only one will come back from the depths of Helheim"

The profecy meant that we would fight giants (Jotuns), a snake so big it occupied all the seas of the world, elves and the literal starting point of chaos and creation itself.

The giants were little to no match for us as the party was comprised of experience players and every now and then we found "fallen warriors" who we had to train in order to make them "powerful enough" to fight for the Einherjars, so we could pass our skills and powers to them and give them PC classes, however no one ever wanted to be a wizard, most revolved around the martial or divine powersource.

When we managed to train an NPC and send them to Valhalla the gods would reward us with powerful magic items, though the DM told us that losing any of those magic items would make us loose favor from the gods. 

Our next stop was the World Snake Jörmungandr, which the DM informed us the point wasn't to fight the snake itself, as it was basically an indestructible force of nature, but to sneak pass it to a temple in which we could retrieve the second rune, but as we are leaving the temple the snake bars the way. So Valkyrie decides she would be fighting the snake as a distraction while the rest of us escaped. We managed to get out, but sadly Valkyrie didn't make it, of course player made another PC (i think it was some Paladin of Thor or something like that) he just wasn't part of the profecy anymore so IF we won then he wouldn't come back into the new world created after the Ragnarok.

We went to Alfheim (kingdom of elves) to find the next runes and got it without fighting since both Naiad and I were Eladrins and technically elves. The Elf king even helped us transport into the Ginnugagap. 

At this point two things happened: I had to skip a few sessions due to some academic problems I was having and the GM's Girlfriend moved "temporarily" out of town (later she would tell him she wasn't coming back and they broke up). Since Mindaris and Aribeth were of the same race and had fought together on the first battle we had this roleplay dinamic of "commanding officer and underling with a secret romance behind the screens" so our characters would often have sidebars on private while the rest of the party was else occupied, the DM girlfriend and I were friends and both heavy into acting and the DM was aware of this dinamic. However I did tell him I would be coming back to the game and to not kill off my PC.

When I rejoined he told me the party had fought and won the rune in the Ginnugagap but Aribeth hadn't come back from the chaos realm (she had just broke up with him and he took it hard, which I can understand as they were engaged), but Mindaris hadn't travelled to the Ginnugagap, having realized a second too soon or a second too late that it wasn't the elf king but Loki in disguise trapping us in the chaos realm. So my PC hadn't jumped through the portal but almost died in the escape attempt since Loki threw a hoard of undeads against me, but while I survived my eladrin compatriot hadn't. So there were only 2 PCs playing for the profecy: Kaylee and Mindaris.

Mindaris watched gladly how the party came back from the Ginnugagap with the fourth rune, now we needed the eye of Odin, which Freya told us was in the depts of Helheim (Hell for the norse). This was the last arch of the story and once we got the eye the DM finished the session and told us to raise 10 levels to our PCs for the next one since we got a major upgrade by absorbing the powers of Odin contained within the eye. At this point we were level 15 PCs in fourth edition and that meant we would have level 25 PCs and Epic paths for all. I took the Demigod Epic Path, and sadly I don't remember what the rest of the party did, but as I stated we were experienced 4th Edition players and we pretty much optimized our builds.

Next session begins as we feel the rush of power and level up gaining god like powers, since we learn Hel (yes that Hel) had been the one to bring this Ragnarok against us. She sent four demons. At this point I remind you that Mindaris was a Pyromancer Mage so most of my spells were fire damage spells. The DM informs me that all demons are inmune to fire. However, as I said, I had optimized my build, and a series of power features and feats that I had taken allowed my character to treat "Inmune to fire" as "Fire resistant 20", and treat "Fire resistant X" as "Fire Vulnerability X" 

Suddenly the monsters specificaly summoned to challenge Mindaris were suffering from my every attack since they had their defenses turned against them (4th edition was very much OP at epic levels). After the fight we had the last encounter agains Hel herself and when we destroyed her the DM revealed Kaylee was one half of the goddess of death herself separated from her power by Odin (explaining her hatred of the gods) and in defeating the power vessel and having the runes and the eye of Odin we had accomplish to revert the separation giving that PC her true powers back.

At this point he said "so since there are two of you alive you managed to turn the profecy into falsehood" to which I replied "Technically since Mindaris is the only mortal walking out of Hellheim, I would say I won". He later told me that the fight against the demons was meant to down me as he originally though Kaylee would be the one to survive the ordeal. I was however the one writing the chronicle so I ended the story with Mindaris (having lost his godlike powers at the end) choosing the "Signature Spell" Epic path and finally merging with my fireball spell as I cast it one last time 

Ever since, whenever a pyromancer uses the "Mindaris Fireball" you can see the shape of two eladrins embracing amongst the flames. This, my DM told me, made him cry so much, he later made peace with his GF and eventually they got back together, now they have a five year ongoing long distance relationship, in which they hope to eventually marry, once they both finish their studies and can be together again.


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