A rogues biggest plot twist

The story of a rogue tiefling who owns money and favors to everyone gets reversed by a simple smart move


Hi, my name is GB10 and I’ve been playing dnd with a group of friends for around a year(our dm playes around 6 years). When making characters I desided that a male tiefling rogue with a thief’s backround would be just fine aince we already had a Dragonborn paladin and a forest gnome ranger. I chose the name Melech. It’s been real fun trying to do illegal stuff because most times our paladin would try to stop me except if what i was about to do would be good for the party. I have agreed with my dm to make my character more fun by makong me own so much money to so many people that I don’t even remember to whom I own money or favors. So there was this one time we went to the city of Shady Creek. The dm starts giving us a picture of the scene: a classic medieval tavern with lots of creatures drinking beer and having fun. As we sit down a big guy approaches us. I immediately roll gor a history check. 13. The dm says I’ve seen this guy before. The guy comes close to our table,smiles,chugs his drink and pats me in the back. I ask the dm to visit the toilet. As I go in I find a note in my hoodie. It says meet me with your friends at the clock tower at 9 oclock,you owe me,Drake. I come back to the table and whisper everything to the party. As I finish talking a big groop of half orcs comes to our table and talk to me dead serious. We want Drake they said, if you do this for us, you no longer owe anything to the Trebein tribe. Hours pass by and on our way to the clock tower on of my criminal contacts reaches at me and tells me that Trebein are waiting for my answer. I tell him to let them know that I’ll deliver Drake in the corn fields so they should wait for me there. Before he leaves I ask him to deliver a message to Drake. He says that’ll cost you one silver piece for me to remain silent against the Trebein tribe. I gave him one gold piece an he smiled. I told gim to let Drake know that we will meet at the church. We meet Drake outside the church and he tells us right away that this is the perfect place. The paladin stands in front of the party and asks perfect for what? Drake explained his plan: we go inside the Trebein church, steal an idol and get away without anyone ever finding out, and my dept to the Croots tribe will disappear. I remember telling my criminal contact to send Trebein to the corn fields, so I let the party know that this church will probably not have many guards. I roll for stealth. 18 plus my 7 expertise stealth 25. Our ranger follows me with a 18 stealth. We scout the sides of the church for an open window while the paladin stays at the front door with Drake. We find an open window with our passive perception. We voth roll for acrobatics since we have high stats. We get on the window and the dm tells us theres only 2 guards in the church and that their both near the window. I roll for an attack.(our dm doesnt play 100% by the rules, if you want to do something cool reasonable and helpful for the story/party he might allow it). It’s a nat 20 I tell my dm I grab my rapier with both hands and jump straight to the first guards head to kill him. Its a one shot and the dm gives me an opportunity attack. I roll to kill the second guard. Nat 18. He gets one shoted as well an no one heard a thing, since I had really high stealth. I go ahead and steal the idol. As soon as i get out and give the idol to the paladin we see some creatures coming. The whole party including Drake hide in the bushes. While we are in the bushes I wisper my plan to the party, that’ll make me pay my dept to both tribes. Our paladin rolls for a punch and knocks out Drake and the ranger ties him up and puts him in a sack. The dm is confused. We arrive at the corn fields and give Drake to the Trebein tribe. Their leader is thankful and says whenever me or my friends need anything the Trebein tribe will be there. As the night comes we deside to hang at the tavern again. When we get in we see happy members of the Croot tribe everywhere singing we finally got the idol. I get close to one of them and he offers me a beer. He says they are glad we helped them find the idol and he shows it to me. It’s not the one Drake asked for but kinda looks like it. I didnt say a thing. Then he asks me if I knwo where Drake is. I roll my dice to lie to him. Nat 19. I tell him that as we entered the church he stayd outside but when we left without finding the idol he was bot there so we thought he went to find you guys, his tribe. The guy believes me, pats my back and says meh whatever he was not the best gut anyway. Then he gave me another beer and said if I ever need help the Croots tribe will be more than happy to help me. Session ends. Our dm is so happy for how well we planned this and gives everyone an inspiration point.


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