DnD Core Rulebooks Box Set On Sale for the Lowest Price Ever

There is a discount of 55% going for the DnD Core Rulebooks Box Set.

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For just $75.99, you can now get the Core Rulebooks Box Set on Amazon. This is the lowest the price has been reduced, and all that is needed to cash in on this killer deal is coupon clicking on thepage, and voila, deal set! There is also a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale, consisting of numerous DnD books along with several games, books, movies, and whatnot! 

An unprecedented 55% off

What does the box set contain? There is the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual, the Dungeon Master's Guide, the Dungeon Master screen -- all of them encased in a premier slipcase. The texture of the books are made of special reflective foil covers, and are exclusive for this set. Don't know what the Dungeon Master screen is? Besides containing the most sigginificant of rules and information printed on its back, it saves the DM's notes from being peeked at by others. 

The Player's Handbook

It's not a deal, it's a steal!

Do you know how much you will save if you buy the box set as opposed to buying them individually? More than 10 dollars ($86.89 is the price of buying them individually), and that too including the bonus exclusives of getting your hands on the DM screen, quality slipcase, and the foil covers.

How about the 3 for 2 deal?

This deal has to do not only with DnD, but also with books, movies, video games, board games. Three DnD books are also included:

  1. D&D Monster Manual - $27.93
  2. D&D Dungeon Master's Guide - $28.99
  3. D&D Xanthar's Guide to Everything - $26.49

The discounted price is $56.92.

Ending Statement

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