Limited-Time Offer! One Of The Best DnD Adventures Available Free Now

A top-ranked DnD adventure is currently available free on three platforms until May 20.


The Forge of Fury is one of the top-ranked DnD adventured of all time, eliciting rave reviews enough to be included in Tales of the Yawning Portal anthology book in 2017 with the latest 5E rules. Now, this highly rated game – ranked in 2004 as the 12th greatest adventure by the magazine Dungeon – is available for free on multiple platforms:

  • Roll 20
  • D&D Beyond
  • Fantasy Grounds

And it will be available for free for 3rd – 5th level adventurers on all these three until platforms until the 20th of May.

What Is The Adventure About?

Released in 2000, the adventure is a sequel to The Sunless Citadel, which is also available for free. The setting of The Forge of Fury is a ruined dwarven forge which was initially built by Durgeddin the Black to serve as a secret forge in his battles against all orcs. Eventually, the Durgeddin and his supporters are killed by orcs.

However, the powerful blades found by Durgeddin are hidden in this legendary forge, lying in wait for any player ambitious and brave enough to excavate them. Prospective players have to make their way past not only orcs but also troglodytes and a black dragon (!) on their way to salvage the treasures of the forge.

How To Play DnD During Quarantine?

If you haven’t played DnD during this quarantine, know that you don’t need to gather with your friends in person like traditional times. Rather, you can simply use discord, zoom, skype, or any other video conferencing software of your choosing to play DnD online.

D&D Beyond is not only offering this adventure for free, it also allows one to create characters for free on their website, using the basic rules of DnD 5E. As for Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds, they are virtual tabletop systems, offering players tokens, template maps, and grids for combat.

Note: the time limit for the offer ends on May 20. There’s almost a month left for the offer!

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