DnD Story #11

By: Austin Drago


I’ve been playing in a pretty solid group for 5th Ed recently, and I’ve been toying with the background options. So I rolled a Barbarian with a criminal/burglar background, and the bond “I want to become the greatest thief that ever lived.”  The idea of rage-bashing locks and rage-looting, then turning around and portraying my character as a straight rogue was extremely amusing to me.  Anyway, the GM ran a really well-done campaign, with uniquely roleplayed shopkeeps, epic battles to stave off the goblin horde attacking our hometown, and the whole nine.  I slowly built up gold and a reputation by swindling people on card games.  A crime family that was spread through the gameworld noticed.  Eventually, they became interested in me, but not sure if I was an asset yet.   Once I had enough gold (from about 1st-10th level), I bribed the butler of the largest manor in town to let me know when the owners were away and to pay the guards to ‘take the night off’ and just ransacked the place.   To the town, it was the biggest heist that had been pulled in their recorded history and won my character a high-level officer position in the crime family organization.  A barbarian had become the greatest thief that ever lived (relatively).



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