DnD Story #122 – Jump to the Underdark

by: Conrad Vickers

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Our adventure takes place in 3.5e while we were traveling under a mountain in search of the Underdark. The party consists of an Elf Wizard, a Dragonborn-Dwarf Cleric, a Human Monk, and me: a Gnome Bard. 

We approach a cliffside which was completely unlit. I ask the cleric how far down it looks, since he has darkvision. “Oh, about 60 feet,” he says in an obvious lie. His darkvision only goes 60 feet, so it was clearly a long drop. We decided to tie a rope around him and have him glide down with his wings and see further down. Meanwhile our wizard jumps off the cliff with no explanation. 

Now the cleric has descended a long distance and sees our wizard completely unharmed at the bottom of the cliff. He calls up to us that it must be safe, so I jump off with the monk. Apparently it was 150 feet to the bottom and our wizard friend had a ring of featherfall so he just went on ahead without mentioning that to us. 

We fell 150 feet which is 15D6 of falling damage. Although the dice gods spared me, our monk (despite his 20 feet of slow fall) took nearly maximum damage and was slain outright. My character has developed some minor trust issues.


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