DnD Story #142

By: Davin James Ray Elliott

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  1. Ok so our story begtavern to introduce the party  to the campaign our DM made. Me a human rogue just sitting in corner and a half orc barbarian at the bar getting wasted. There was a band in the tavern playing joyful music for the crowd. Shortly after we've been there, the Lord of the town and his guards comes walking in and the band changes the tempo and everything sounds ominous. Some bandits pop out behind the band and starts attacking the guards. We start to help the guards with the bandits but they ended up killing eachother. So after all the bloodshed we have the rogue, the barbarian the Lord and the barkeep. Turns out the barkeep was the one who hired the bandits and offered us 1,000 gold each to kill the lord. The Lord is begging for his life and how he can offer me more. it becomes a bidding war on to kill the dude or not, so I'm thinking…..thinking and *ploop*  the barkeep throws the money to me and Hennessey(half orc barbarian). instantly I drive the dagger into the lord. My companion quickly goes to the bar to get a drink and do a spit take but rolled a nat1 and passed out for becoming to drunk. So being the rogue I am, I took his share too


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