DnD Story #186

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So, in a 5e campaign, my three party members and I are some independent contractors working for a company called the IDC. After a two-session long fight staving off some (rather intelligent) minotaur raiders, we manage to capture a ship and it’s captain for questioning.

So now me (the half-drow bard), a peg-legged halfling pirate, an alcoholic elf druid, and a mildly sociopathic Tiefling monk, are questioning this minotaur captain in hopes of finding out why his people attacked our city. My seductive measures failed (because I guess he doesn’t like purple women or something idk), but we managed to strike a bargain and find out what we needed to know thanks to an NPC half-orc.

Fast forward to that evening, and most of our party decided to get drunk before heading to the minotaur kingdom. Our rogue woke up in an unlocked jail cell, naked. Our druid has received a passive aggressive message from local fish mongers (a la Godfather), and our monk woke up in an alchemist’s shop, and will be seeing green as purple for a week AND belching rainbow bubbles.

Me though? Well, my pride was bruised after my failed advances with the minotaur, so I decided to go to the nicer end of town. Good news: I managed to score the son of a rich IDC official. Bad news: I probably have an assassin coming after me (because I guess his mom and dad don’t like purple women either). But at least I have the satisfaction of saying “still got it” as I waltz out from their house.


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