DnD Story #195



My first campaign I ever played was 3.5 we eventually used the gestalt rules where you can have two classes level simultaneously.
We only had two people other than the DM who were playing.
Our DM was playing a cleric, pretty much just to heal us.
We came up against a young adult red dragon at the end of a quest we each had multiple characters except the DM.
My rogue/ranger took an aimed shot at the dragons eye to blind it.
My friend who had immovable rods for his starting character decides to try climb up using them through the opening at the top of the cave.
After calling him out for running away when he was nearly at out of the cave he decides to distract the red dragon by casting a spell at it.
The red dragon returns by breathing fire up at him, he fails his reflex save gets burnt falls 120ft to the ground takes falling damage dies.
I remember I had a modified/weaker white wolf as a animal companion who was trying to assist my wolf digging out of the cave.
Get the white wolf to use ice breath on the red dragon it freezes. We smash it. Leave.


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