DnD Story #214 – The Revenge of the Half Inch Half Elf

I decided to have my character seduce a pirate named Laedie, who was travelling with us. My friends decided to convince her I had a half inch penis.

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So my friends anf I are currently playing Out of The Abyss. And we're on our way to a city with a party of about 20. My character is a Half Elf Rogue, and my friends are a wood elf ranger and a Halfling Bard. 

Out of boredom during the travel, I decided to have my character seduce a pirate named Laedie, who was travelling with us. Every day during travel my character would speak with her and what not. My friends decided to step in. When my character went to sleep, the ranger visited Laedie, and tried to convince her that I had a tiny penis. DM asked for a Deception check and he rolled a 19. Needless to say, she believed him. But I didnt let that knock me down and kept courting her. So the next day the ranger goes to speak with Laedie and decides to convince her that I'm also mentally challenged. When my friend says this the entire table starts laughing, waiting for him to roll high again. He rolls a critical fail, and the DM decides that Laedie now believes the ranger is mentally challenged. But the Bard steps in and tries to back him up, staying its true, and because the DM has a rule that if someone fails a throw, one other person can step in and try the same throw again to help, he tried to convince her that my character was ondeed mentslly challanged. Bard rolls a 2, and in one fell swoop, Laedie now believes both of them are special, and for the rest pf the campaign has been watching out for them and talking slowly to them. 

The "half inch" half elf strikes again. 


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