DnD Story #231 – Lost and Forgotten

My Clockwork character powered down at the WORST moment.


Context: So we're playing the Shadow of the Demon Lord system, and I'm playing a small clockwork construct, and another member of our party is playing an Orc. In SotDL, clockworks have a mechanic where if they roll a 0 or lower on any roll (yes it can happen) your key stops turning and you power down. 

OK, done with context. So we are fighting a pack of Goat-Men alongside a few other Orcs, and I decide to try a driving attack, which gives the disadvantege of subtracting 1D6 from my attack roll… I rolled a 2 on the attack roll, and a 6 on my disadvantage D6. So after failing the attack, I powered down… IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT! Fortunately, the Goat-Men were too stupid and thought I was dead. Unfortunately, the Orcs were also too stupid, and thought I was dead… Our DM rolled several Intelegence checks for, like, 5 different Orcs and they all failed. None of them realized that they could just wind me back up and I'd be fine. I was left alone, at full health mind you, for a few hours until an individual Goat-Man got curious and messed around with the clockwork key. I woke up, killed it, and had a panic attack realizing that I was alone outside the palisades.


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