DnD Story #48


I'm new to the game, a freshman in college, and this was my first time playing. I was a halfling monk armed with some darts for ranged combat. Our first combat encounter, we ambushed some goblins and took them by surprise. I one hit killed two of three of them, both with Nat20s. Hit them both right between the eyes. Our next encounter… same thing. One hit killed a goblin shaman by shooting a dart up his nose.

We went through the dungeon, my halfling monk raking in more kills than the teifling warlock, human fighter, and dragonborn sorcerer combined.

Until we met the bugbear boss. At that exact moment, I began rolling 3s and 4s, completely missing or not penetrating the armor. All my companions mocked and teased me as they brought the bugbear down… that is, until the bugbear reduced the fighter to one hp and knocked him across the room and the dragonborn hit the warlock on accident and cursed her to miss everything that wasn't a Nat20. Suddenly they required healing, but I was too busy trying not to be stepped on by an angry bugbear.

I made a mad dash between his legs (good ole halfling agility) and threw a dart… right up his butthole. Needless to say, he was angry. So angry, that in his anger he lifted his mace to crush me and hit himself in the face. He fell down and landed on the sorceror, pinning him. While he's down, I draw my shortsword, and rush at him, only to run right past him and accidentally impale the warlock. She didn't die at least, but the bugbear stood up to attack again… so I threw my last dart at the enormous statue we were fighting in front of. Praying to the trinity, I roll a Nat20… And the dart somehow manages to topple the statue on top of the poor fellow. He goes down, killed by the unassuming halfling monk.

Needless to say, my party hated me and my luck.


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