DnD Story #62 – A Natural Club

Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes they involve a natural 'gift'


So the party is at an Inn for the night and members start to curouse around. My half Orc warlock and the half orc bar bar of the party weren’t so lucky and got robbed and left in an ally. My character uses Armor of Agathus to cover up. We both get the idea to mug someone. Bar bar goes first and succeeds. My turn comes up and I realize he has no weapons. Since he is a half orc he’s, let’s say ‘gifted’ to where it was a natural weapon. He waits as someone comes across, he then swings his ice ‘club’ at his neck and breaks his neck before mugging him and proping him like a drunk. He did what my first character couldn’t. I was so happy. The players were laughing at this.


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