DnD Story #63


Our first time playing D&D, during character creation, I ask my players to come up with a quirky character flaw to aid Roleplaying.

Furin, the Dwarven Fighter, decides to have short term memory loss.

I think this is funny, and allow him to have a parrot, Dennis, the aid his memory whenever he forgets things…

Hilarious Roleplaying, and a really beloved character.

When Furin died in combat at level 4, the party wouldn't leave him. The table was quiet, and as a DM I felt terrible…

Then the wizard starts smiling.
"Can I use shocking grasp to defibrillate the dwarf?"

You can try.

Crit fail. ("He's very dead")

Let me try again

Rolls a 3. ("The body is starting to smoke")

One more time!

Nat 20.

The dwarf wakes. Half of his face is slumped and his speech slurred…

About 5 minutes later, the dwarf jumped off a cliff… unable to deal with this botched resurrection.


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