DnD Story #64

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Soooo my first experience to tabletop was in pathfinder…..in Afghanistan. It was my second tour and we found ourselves having way more time than we should so what do we do?

Smoke. Workout. And play DND.

This session was a bunch of first timers and a group of people who are just the worst. Many interesting things happen but non so funny as how I won the game.

The dm had planned a massive battle. He had a werewolf king and plenty of followers for us to manage all night. So naturally the second turn in the battle I roll a Nat 20 with a further Nat 20 to confirm on the king. My warrior had embued his sword with silver that gurenteed Insta kill on crit to all "were" creatures. This was not only his idea but sanctioned by the dm in the previous session. He looks up and says "well fuck". That was the end of our session that night.


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