DnD Story: Hidden Challenge


We started a campaign with the characters being asked to roll up non humans. I created a chaotic neutral Ifreet sorcerer who made his living doing firework shows. The important other member of the “party” was a sneaky pyromaniac goblin. Scrage. Fortunately the player had a changed work schedule so could only arrive late and so his character followed the party to have fun rather than getting involved and really messing things up.

The adventure consisted of trying to bring some human remnants to a safe plane of existence. After various adventures, including one where a single dragon was the challenge quickly taken out in a single turn with the power of explosives and multiple situations where Scrage has stolen my fireworks for mischievous ends we end up in a hidden valley for those trying to save the humans.

Upon entry those inside are on guard as strangers enter the midst. Scrage manages to sneak past the lot of us and sets off a noisy firework without being spotted by anyone. I’m immediately clamped in irons and locked in a cage, something I readily agree to providing my fireworks are locked up securely. We manage to convince them we are more trouble to hold and are set free.

We finally make our way to the planar portal and send the humans in our care through. The Greater Air Elemental has detected my alignment and decided I am too much of a liability to leave. I come up with a plan. I message the party to leave me to the elemental. Once they have I toss my bags full of fireworks high into the elemental and set them all alight with a spell, ducking as I do.

As the GM and I begin the calculate all of the damage we realise A. I have definitely killed this thing without rolling the dice and B. That I was out of range of the Area of Effect of the blast.

The GM takes me into a side room to discuss my options. She asks if I want to continue the Character and I say I’ve had a good run and I might as well let the rest of the party have their time to shine.

We return to the table and my character is asked by the higher powers protecting the Human Plane if I am willing to stand guard in the place of the Elemental I just killed. Accepting the role he was turned into a greater fire elemental and guards the path to this day.


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