DnD Story: How A Lowly Cleric Became A Viscount

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We have been attacking this fort, and on last session killed the big bad and all that and sent the goblins, orcs and trolls running, with a volley of arrows, fireballs aNd lightning storms from the tallest tower
It was called red lake Fort

There was a big dam beside a huge camp outside the fort and (due to me being a cleric and casting water breathing) all of us managed to swim through the tunnel and blow the dam so it drowned most of the camp before us,
We then sneak in to the fort and after killing some baddies we get to the big boss and she ends up getting blown off the tower and impaled on the gallows so yay win for us
We go round the rooms checking to make sure there’s nothing more for us to fight and we enter a room with an alter and blood etc everywhere
Soon as my guy walks in, he needs a con save to check he doesn’t take damage from the evil in this room thankfully I pass
I then manage to cast consecrate and cleanse the room of evils, and from that a ghost appears, who was a paladin that once lived, basically his body which is a skeleton without a head now has been cursed n his spirit cannot move from the place, luckily we had found a previous skull with weird markings on it, that we took with us
Long story short it was his head, and after we destroyed the skull the ghost was free,
Inside the skul… there was a deck of many things….

After long time of debating I decide screw it!!! And draw 2 cards !

First one was the chance to get away from any situation
The second…. was to become a lord (I chose viscount) and became the lord of the red fort!
Then I chose to draw a third   card! Which was to summon a knight – a level 4 fighter that is now a playable character
The. 2 others chose to draw… one of them got the ability to ask a question and get an answer to anything but only once
The other picked a card…and disappeared she became trapped in a mystic sphere in a different dimension
So I then chose to draw a new card!  Hoping for the wishes card, and luckily it was I got 2 wishes! She was returned to us, and my other wish was to return my newly acquired castle to its prime no more dead things, traps, poisons anything,
So I decided against better judgements..fuck it is picking one final card!
I picked it… the DM’s face lit up with glee, and a evil sounding laugh cake from him, as he passed a piece of paper to me
“The Void”

Panic was struck ! Cries of disbelief and woe…. which turned to silence as the DM passed a second piece of paper saying
“Only joking…. you have received 50,000 xp and a wonderous item!

So that is how I went from a level 6 cleric to a level 10 Viscount with a castle xD


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