DnD Story: The Boat


A while back, we had a campaign where our party consisted of a dwarf paladin (me) who hated the undead, a tiefling succubus wizard (my sister), and a pixie rogue. our minuscule party was traversing a magical swamp in a tiny boat when we happened upon a trader’s barge manned by skeletons. i had to roll a constitution check to make sure i didn’t leap out of the boat and kill every bojangles on the boat

i rolled a nat 1

i not only leap out of the boat, but i leap out of the boat frothing at the mouth and screaming how much i hate the undead. i manage to take down one skellington before the rest of the crew knock me down to my death saves. shortly afterward, our rogue and tiefling succubus come up onto the boat, find out the skeletons are friendly merchants, apologise for my idiocy, and heal me to about to HP

they then proceed to massacre the entire boat, and here i am, being poked by a skeleton, making more death saves

but here’s the kicker: my sister decides that she wants to use thunderstrike to kill everything on the boat that isn’t her or our rogue. nat 20. boat explodes, and i die instantly

they didn’t even bother to save me

moral of the story: never trust your sibling in any DnD campaign. they will probably murder you on a boat full of friendly skeletons


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