DnD Story: The First Experience


This was my 1st ever attempt at D&D. I chose to roll a Dark Elf Druid. Holding true to his race, he was an anti-social individual. Grouped with a Dragonborn Barbarian, who was a noble of nobles outside of combat. And a Bard… Lemme add the the one playing the Bard could also be considered a Bard in real life. Perfectly played.

Our world was LOOSELY based the anime Soul Eater. So we had NPCs with living weapons, and supernatural beings. This Tavern opens up with a cross between Kid Death and Maka. Only if they were psychotic. She blows away a barmaid and then the Dragonborn proceeds to try and woo her.

We end up with a quest to kill some baddie. As we venture out, we find a music festival. My anti-fun druid ends up drunk on a magic liquid that makes him very friendly. The Bard is high on a peace pipe. Pretty sure the player was high too. And the serious bizness Dragonborn sees the Maka character come rolling in, guns blazing. Everyone but the band is dead.

She points us to the local mountain. Turns out it was the baddie’s Fortress. We go in. We all die to Lemurs. How? The Bard decided the fight was too easy, that we should fight a few more. He rolled a natural 1, and summoned 100. I then transform into a squirrel, jumping on the Dragonborn’s back, as he carried the Bard, in an attempt to rush the exit and make it to the next level.

The DM took pity on us and had the NPCs resurrect us. We then run into an elevator. We take it up to a random floor. Turns out it was the baddie’s room. He comes in. The Bard plays it off like we were the mercs he was looking for. We get a mission. We leave. We end up end up in his pet Phase Beasts den. I’m a bear. I’m swinging. I’m missing.

We finally sit down, and the Bard succeeds in communicating with the beast by making him a ball of yarn. I then use speak to animals and he desired the Dragonborn as food in return for mine and the Bard’s safe exit. We refuse. Demons are summoned. The Bard has a rock off and wins. My druid is torn to pieces, drug to hell, while being anally violated by imps with dildos. The phase beast eats the Dragonborn.

That was my 1st experience ever playing D&D.



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