DnD Story: These Druids…


So I’m running this huge campaign for a group of friends we’ve been going two nights a week for 6 months now and they’re getting close to 2/3 done. The warlock in the party is now evil and has left to switch sides and the rest of the party consists of a druid, bard, paladin, and my npc rogue. Now the rogue saved the druids life and has been with the party for a little while so I try to get a rise out of the group by having him killed by the new big baddies servant who is a death knight. The death knight drops the body of the rogue at the gates and gives the town 24 hours before he returns with an army. That’s when the druid decides that he has a spell that takes 24 hours to cast and brings back the rogue in a random body… after he ruined my build up the guy random back as a pseudo Dragon.

No big deal I’ll move on, next thing I know the death knight is back and the party confronts him. The druid goes first and he’s like yeah I’m gonna use polymorph. I rolled with advantage on the saves and got double crit fails! He turns my knight into a sheep and then decided to use a charm spell and crits it at a higher spell level so it last a whole year!! An hour later because of the evil warlock the entire party finds themselves fighting the final boss (ancient red dragon with an extra 800 health). Now the warlock has an evil monster to help him fight and the party has a death knight because druid. Between the party and the monsters they annihilate the final boss a whole month and a half early and end the campaign. I had no clue what to say besides, druids are really strong.


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