DnD Story: The Glorious Session


Sooo a glorious thing happened during my last session.

There was a vampire NPC named Ebrius who thought he could transfer the good sides of vampirism onto his whole family. Unfortunately, he only managed to plunge all of them into a deep sickness which, eventually, led his whole kin to be transformed into ghouls.

My PCs learned that the way to cure this condition was to administer to the ghouls "the blood of the willing", but that it had varying rates of success.

One by one, (most of) the PCs started cutting themselves to administer the blood to the vampire's family. Out of seven ghouls, only three children and his wife survived. They left the last dose for the wife. The tension of the situation was rising by the minute as they were waiting for me to declare whether or not the wife had survived, in between gruesome episodes of wailing, foaming and unsightly writhing.

During the latter part of this scene, one of my players started crying. She was so emotionally attached to Ebrius' misfortune and extreme loss that she couldn't hold back the tears.

Now… I've seen Sam cry on Critical Role, so I know D&D has the power to do that. But I've never seen myself capable of achieving this sort of involvement from anyone. Maybe it was just a one-time thing, maybe not. But it sure made me feel proud for all the work I had invested into that session.

That moment moved me enough to want to share it with everyone else.

Thank you very much for reading! 


From: Matei Mistretu on All Things DnD's Official Facebook Group


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